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LG LF-K5932 Owner's Manual

Dvd mini karaoke system
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MODEL : LF-K5932
LF-K5932A, LF-KP5932
LFS-K5932V, LFS-K5932C, LFS-K5932T
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set.
Retain it for future reference.
Designs and specifications are subject to change without
notice for improvement.



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  Summary of Contents for LG LF-K5932

  • Page 1 LGEMC-LF-K5932A.JA8MLLR_ENG_MFL37641078 DVD MINI KARAOKE SYSTEM OWNER’S MANUAL MODEL : LF-K5932 LF-K5932A, LF-KP5932 LFS-K5932V, LFS-K5932C, LFS-K5932T Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. Retain it for future reference. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions CAUTION concerning the Power Cord CAUTION Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedi- RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN cated circuit; That is, a single outlet circuit which powers only that appliance WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK and has no additional outlets or branch circuits.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Operation with DVD and Video CD ....28-30 Playing a DVD and Video CD....28 Safety Precautions.
  • Page 4: Before Use

    Before Use Playable Discs ote on DTS-encoded CDs When playing DTS-encoded CDs, excessive audio level may be heard from the analog stereo output. To avoid (8 cm / 12 cm disc) possible damage to the audio system, turn down the volume before playing back such discs, adjust the vol- Video CD (VCD) ume gradually, and keep the volume level low.
  • Page 5: Precautions

    Before Use (Cont’d) Precautions Storing discs After playing, store the disc in its case. Handling the unit Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or sources of heat, or leave it in a parked car exposed to direct sun- When shipping the unit light, as there may be a considerable temperature The original shipping carton and packing materials...
  • Page 6: Front Panel

    Front Panel Cassette tape player/ DVD/KARAOKE player Tuner/ Amplifier NUMERIC buttons (0~9) ECHO VOLUME KNOB (ECHO VOL.) DISPLAY WINDOW MULTI JOG DIAL • PLAY MODE/ REPEAT buttons • CD SKIP (./>) • CD SEARCH ( ) buttons • MANUAL TUNING •...
  • Page 7: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel Cassette tape player/ DVD/KARAOKE Player Tuner/ Amplifier LUG Connector LUG Connector COMPONENT VIDEO OUT (PROGRESSIVE SCAN) POWER CORD (Y Pb Pr) Connector SPEAKER Connector MONITOR OUT Connector 10. SYSTEM Connector • VIDEO INPUT/OUTPUT (SYSTEM JACK1/ SYSTEM JACK2) • AUX 1 INPUT (L/R) 11.
  • Page 8: Remote Control

  • Page 9: Display Window

    Display Window Cassette tape player/ DVD/KARAOKE Player TITLE PROG. CHP/TRK AUTO MEMORY SLEEP MONO KARAOKE CONT REPEAT 1 DISC TIMER CD SYNC. HI-SP. DUBB DOWNMIX • TITLE indicator • DOWNMIX indicator • PROGRAM (PROG.) indicator • REPEAT indicator • CHAPTER/ TRACK indicator •...
  • Page 10: Connections

    Connections Fitting the system connection cables • Your unit consists of two separate parts, Cassette tape player/DVD/KARAOKE player and an integrated Tuner/ Amplifier. • Before you can use your unit, the separate parts must be connected with the supplied system connection cables. •...
  • Page 11: Connecting To A Tv

    Connections Connecting to a TV Make one of the following connections, depending on Progressive Scan (ColorStream ® pro) connection the capabilities of your existing equipment. If your television is a high-definition or “digital ready” television, you may take advantage of the unit’s pro- gressive scan output for the highest video resolution possible.
  • Page 12: Connecting To Antenna

    Connections Connecting to Antenna Connecting to Auxiliary Equipment Connect the supplied FM/AM antennas for listening to You can use VCR or other unit connected to the AUX1, the radio. AUX2 connector. - Connect the AM loop antenna to the AM antenna connector.
  • Page 13: Connecting To Optional Equipment

    Connections Connecting to Optional Equipment Connecting to the Wireless microphone antenna When you use the wireless microphone, connect the supplied wireless microphone antenna to the wireless microphone antenna jack of the unit. Wireless microphone antenna Setting the Wireless microphone Channel If there is a similar wireless microphone product nearby, interference may occur.
  • Page 14: Speaker System Connection

    Connections Speaker System Connection Connect the speakers using the supplied speaker cords by matching the colors of the terminals and those of the cords. To obtain the best possible surround sound, adjust the speaker parameters (distance, level, etc.). If you feel lack of bass frequency Connect an active sub woofer to the SUB WOOFER OUT...
  • Page 15: Speaker Positioning

    Connections Speaker Positioning In the case of normal position use the 6 speakers (2 front speakers, center speaker, 2 rear speakers and sub- woofer). If you want to play the excellent bass sound or Dolby Digital surround, you should connect a subwoofer. •...
  • Page 16: Before Operation

    Before Operation Volume Adjustment SURROUND • Turn VOLUME knob clockwise to increase the sound To activate surround mode level, or counterclockwise to decrease it. • You can choose between 6 fixed sound impressions. • Press VOLUME + to increase the sound level, or use •...
  • Page 17: Setting The Clock

    Before Operation Setting the Clock Using Microphone You can sing to a music source by connecting a Press CLOCK. microphone to the unit. (If the clock requires setting, press and hold CLOCK for more than 2 seconds.) Connect your microphone to the MIC socket. - The hours display begins to blink.
  • Page 18: Timer Function

    Before Operation Timer Function Press SET to confirm the turn on hour time. With the TIMER function you can have the radio reception and recording, CD or tape playing turned on and off at Set the turn on minutes time turning MULTI JOG the time desired.
  • Page 19: Mini Glossary For Audio Stream & Surround Mode

    Before Operation Mini Glossary for Audio Stream & Sound Mode Surround mode You can enjoy surround sound simply by selecting one of the pre-programmed sound fields according to the program you want to listen to. Allows you to enjoy 5.1(or 6) discrete channels of high quality digital audio from DTS program sources such as When DVD is inserted discs, DVD and compact discs, etc.bearing the trademark.
  • Page 20: General Explanation

    Before Operation Press to change the setting of an item. Caution: The number buttons can be also be used for setting Before using the remote control, press the DVD/CD numbers (e.g., title number). For some functions, /KARAOKE (or DVD/KARAOKE) button to select the press SELECT/ENTER to execute the setting.
  • Page 21: Initial Settings

    Before Operation Initial Settings LANGUAGE By using the Setup menu, you can make various adjust- LANGUAGE ments to items such as picture and sound. You can also English set a language for the subtitles and the Setup menu, Disc Audio Original Disc Subtitle among other things.
  • Page 22: Display

    Before Operation DISPLAY Progressive Scan DISPLAY Progressive Scan Video provides the highest quality TV Aspect 16 : 9 pictures with less flickering. Display Mode Widescreen If you are using the Component Video jacks for connec- Progressive Scan tion to a TV or monitor that is compatible with a pro- gressive scan signal, set Progressive Scan to On.
  • Page 23: Audio

    Before Operation AUDIO 5.1 Speaker Setup Select speaker settings, including volume balance and Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options. distance, or test the speaker settings. Set the player’s AUDIO options according to the type of Speaker settings are only active on the Analog Multi- audio system you use.
  • Page 24: Others

    Before Operation Volume OTHERS Press to adjust the output level of the selected OTHERS speaker. (-5dB ~ 5dB) Distance DivX(R) Registration Select If you have connected speakers to your DVD Player, setting the Distance lets the speakers know how far the sound has to travel to reach your set listening point.
  • Page 25: Lock (Parental Control)

    Before Operation LOCK (Parental Control) Password (Security Code) You can enter or change password. LOCK 1 Select Password on the LOCK menu then press Rating Unlock 2 Follow step 2 as shown left (Rating). “Change” or Password **** Country Code “New”...
  • Page 26: Operation With Radio

    Operation with RADIO Presetting the radio stations Listening to the radio Press TUNER/BAND to select either AM or FM in You can preset 50 stations for FM and AM. Before tuning, make sure that you have turned the vol- the display window. ume down to the minimum level.
  • Page 27: Operation With Tape

    Operation with TAPE Basic Playback To Stop Play Press STOP( ) on the front panel or TAPE STOP( ) Press TAPE1-2 to select tape function. on the remote control during playback. (“NO TAPE ” appears in the display window.) Tape Counter Reset Open cassette TAPE1-2 by pushing to the PUSH EJECT position.
  • Page 28: Operation With Dvd And Video Cd

    Operation with DVD and Video CD Playing a DVD and Video CD General Features Playback Setup Turn on the TV and select the video input source Unless stated otherwise, all operations described use connected to the unit. the remote control. Some features may also be Audio system: Turn on the audio system and select available on the Setup menu.
  • Page 29: Still Picture And Frame-By-Frame Playback

    Operation with DVD and Video CD General Features (continued) Repeat A-B To repeat a sequence in a title: Still Picture and Frame-by-frame playback 1 Press REPEAT A-B at your chosen starting point. “ A - ” appears briefly on the TV screen. 2 Press REPEAT A-B again at your chosen end point.
  • Page 30: Special Dvd Features

    Operation with DVD and Video CD Special DVD Features Camera Angle If the disc contains scenes recorded at different camera Checking the contents of DVD Video angles, you can change to a different camera angle discs: Menus during playback. 1 Press DISPLAY and then press the to select DVDs may offer menus that allow you to access special a angle.
  • Page 31: Operation With Audio Cd And Mp3/Wma Disc

    Operation with Audio CD and MP3/WMA Disc Playing an Audio CD and MP3/WMA MP3 / WMA disc compatibility with this player is Disc limited as follows: • Sampling frequency: within 32 - 48 kHz (MP3), The unit can play MP3/WMA formatted recordings on within 24 - 48kHz (WMA) CD-ROM, CD-R, or CD-RW discs.
  • Page 32: Pause

    Operation with Audio CD and MP3/WMA Disc Pause 1 Press PAUSE/STEP during playback. 2 To return to playback, press PLAY or press PAUSE/STEP again. Moving to another Track Press . or > briefly during playback to go to the next track or to return to the beginning of the current track.
  • Page 33: Operation With Jpeg Disc

    Operation with JPEG Disc Viewing a JPEG disc Slide Show JPEG to highlight the (Slide Show) This unit can play discs with JPEG files. Before playing JPEG recordings, read the notes on JPEG Recordings then press SELECT/ENTER. on right. Moving to another File Insert a disc and close the tray.
  • Page 34: Programmed Playback

    Programmed Playback The Program function enables you to store your favorite tracks from any disc in the player memory. A program can contain 300 tracks (Audio CD/MP3/WMA). Insert a disc. Repeat Programmed Tracks You can play a title/chapter/all/track on a disc. Audio CD and MP3/WMA Discs: 1 Press REPEAT when playing a disc.
  • Page 35: Operation With Divx Disc

    Operation with DivX Disc The unit can play the MPEG4 encoded files (.avi, mpg, DivX disc compatibility with this player is limited .mpeg, .divx etc) and subtitle files (.srt, .smi, sub). as follows: Insert the MPEG4 encoded disc and close the •...
  • Page 36: Operation With Karaoke

    Operation with KARAOKE You can play KARAOKE (singing along) with karaoke disc by connecting a microphone to the unit. You can enjoy KARAOKE with a stereo-recorded disc, even if it is a non-karaoke disc, by reducing the singer’s voice. Karaoke Basic Playback Karaoke Advanced Playback Check if the system is connected.
  • Page 37: Karaoke Menu Playback

    Operation with KARAOKE Karaoke MENU Playback Reserving the Songs When you want to make a reservation of next melody, Preparation you can enjoy the most 8 melodies reservation Press MENU on the karaoke mode. Without waiting. The main MENU appears on the screen. Main MENU (On the TV screen) Press the NUMERIC buttons to reserve melody number you want in the karaoke disc...
  • Page 38: Music List

    Operation with KARAOKE MUSIC LIST SINGER LIST 1 Select “2.SINGER LIST” and select the initial of the LOCAL SONG and POP SONG singer you want by pressing the , and press SELECT/ ENTER. Select “2. MUSIC LIST” by pressing the on the main menu.
  • Page 39: Random

    Operation with KARAOKE RANDOM Select number you want by pressing and press SELECT/ ENTER. Select “3. RANDOM” by pressing on the Sing along with the accompaniment. main menu. Repeat step 4~5. Change the team of red team or blue team alternately.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check the following guide for the possible cause of a problem before contacting service. Symptom Cause Correction No power. • The power cord is disconnected. • Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely. The power is on, but the •...
  • Page 41: Language Code List

    Language Code List Enter the appropriate code number for the initial settings “Disc Audio”, “Disc Subtitle” and/or “Disc Menu” (See page 21). Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language 6566 Abkhazian 7074 Fiji 7678 Lingala 8373 Singhalese 6565 Afar 7073 Finnish 7684...
  • Page 42: Country Code List

    Country Code List Enter the appropriate code number for the initial setting “Country Code” (See page 25). Code Country Code Country Code Country Code Country Andorra Eritrea Saint Lucia Seychelles United Arab Emirates Spain Liechtenstein Sudan Afghanistan Ethiopia Sri Lanka Sweden Antigua and Barbuda Finland...
  • Page 43: Specifications

    Specifications General Power supply Refer to the main label. Power consumption 210W Tuner/Amplifier Tuning Range 87.5 - 108.0 MHz or 65 -74 MHz, 87.5 -108.0 MHz Intermediate Frequency 10.7 MHz Signal to Noise Ratio 60/55 dB (Mono/Stereo) Frequency Response 60 - 10000 Hz AM Tuning Range 522 - 1611 kHz or 530 - 1610 kHz or 530 - 1720 kHz Intermediate Frequency...
  • Page 44 P/NO : MFL37641078...

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