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Erasing - Sanyo ICR-B35 Instruction Manual

Sanyo digital voice recorder instruction manual icr-b35
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To secure the unit
In case the unit is used by unauthorised persons,
you can set the security mode.
To switch security mode on/off during power off,
press the TIME/SET and MENU buttons simulta-
neously. The buttons must be pressed for 4 sec-
onds long. The display shows "SECUR ON"/


Important Note:
Before erasing, make sure that the battery indi-
cator is full.
1. Press the MENU button to select "FOLDE".
2. Press the TIME/SET button. The folder name
3. Press the c or d button to select the folder
to be erased, then press the TIME/SET but-
4. Press the n button to return to the original
Erasing one file in memory
1. Press the c or d button to select the file
number to be erased.
2. Press the ERASE button
once. The file number and
"ERASE" blink.
3. While the display is blinking, press the TIME/
SET button. "ERASE" appears briefly.
The file memory in the selected folder is
erased. All the file numbers after the file that
was erased are reduced by one.



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