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Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and
retain it for future reference.
Model name : AS35GVGG0
P/NO : MFL68181318


   Summary of Contents for LG AS35GVGG0

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    OWNER’S MANUAL AIR PURIFIER Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference. Model name : AS35GVGG0 P/NO : MFL68181318...

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    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS The precautions related with the safety shown below are to prevent unexpected haz- ard and damage through safe and accurate operation of the product. WARNING If not followed, It may cause death or major injury to the user. CAUTION If not followed, it may cause injury to the user or property damage.

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    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Operation • Insert securely the power plug up to the end of its plug so that it will not be shaken. If connection is unstable, it may cause fire. • Do not arbitrarily change or extend the power line. It may cause fire and electric shock.

  • Page 4

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CAUTION Installation • When installing near to TV or audio, provide more than 1 m of distance with them. TV or audio may have malfunction. • When pulling out the power plug, pull out by grabbing the head of the plug. Otherwise, it may cause injury or electric shock.

  • Page 5

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Install the product at the flat location and do not throw it down or give impact. It may cause fire or product failure. • Do not use the power cord as tied. Heat generation may cause fire. •...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS INSTALLATION METHOD How to install the filter before using it SIMPLE USAGE METHOD CLEANING METHOD NAME OF EACH PART How to clean various filters Exterior Cleaning Method Front Backside STORAGE METHOD Operation indicator part and control part Filter system TROUBLESHOOTING BE- USAGE METHOD...

  • Page 7: Simple Usage Method

    SIMPLE USAGE METHOD SIMPLE USAGE METHOD Installation Place Selection Main Unit • Place for easy power connection (close to socket) • Place without obstacles interfering with indoor air suction near the inlet. • Places with horizontal surface and rich air circulation WARNING If Air Purifier is installed in transportations (vehicle/vessel, etc.), there may be a problem with the product, so do not install in transportations.

  • Page 8: Name Of Each Part

    NAME OF EACH PART NAME OF EACH PART Front 1. Operation part 2. Cleanliness indicator lamp It is the lamp indicating the cleanliness of the indoor air. It displays the cleanliness according to the indoor cleanliness detected by the odor sensor. Indicator (Contaminated) Red →...

  • Page 9: Operation Indicator Part And Control Part

    NAME OF EACH PART Operation indicator part and control part Operation indicator part and control part 1. Power On/OFF Button : It is used to 6. Lock Function : It used to prevent un- start and stop the product operation. wanted operation by children or other causes.

  • Page 10: Filter System

    NAME OF EACH PART Filter system 1. Dual Protection Filter : It removes big • The replacement cycle of the Triple Care dusts to prolong the life of the Allergy Filter and Allergy HEPA Filter Powered HEPA Filter Powered by 3M™ Tech. by 3M™...

  • Page 11: Usage Method

    USAGE METHOD USAGE METHOD Air cleaning operation It purifies the indoor air with clean and fresh air. 1. Press Power On/OFF button. - With the buzzer sound, it starts the operation with the operation mode indicator LED and Indicator lamp turned on. 2.

  • Page 12: Ionizer Operation

    USAGE METHOD Ionizer operation It emits anion to remove various bacteria. 1. Press Power On/OFF button. 2. Press Ionizer button. - Every time you press the button, it changes in the order of Ionizer → reset func- tion → Ionizer. ①...

  • Page 13: Sleep Operation

    USAGE METHOD Sleep operation It provides quiet indoor atmosphere during the sleep. 1. Press Power On/OFF button. 2. Press Sleep button. - For good night's sleep, the Cleanliness indicator and other LEDs are turned OFF (except Speed LED). 3. Select Speed in Sleep - If you press the Sleep button, Fan speed is automatically set as Low for the first 1 hour, and then Speed is controlled according to the Air quality.

  • Page 14: Lock Function

    USAGE METHOD Lock Function 1. Press Power On/OFF button. 2. Press Ionizer button and Sleep button together for 3 seconds. - When you press any button during Lock Function, the product does not work, but he buzzer will beep three times. - You can protect the product from the unwanted operation by children or by other causes.

  • Page 15: Installation Method

    INSTALLATION METHOD INSTALLATION METHOD How to install the filter before 4. Mount the filter with the vinyl pack- aging removed on the main unit. using it Remove vinyl packaging of the filter be- fore using it. 1. Pull and open the backside panel. 5.

  • Page 16: Cleaning Method

    CLEANING METHOD CLEANING METHOD 1. If the product is in operation, press 3. Grab the filter case and pull and sepa- Power On/OFF button to turn off the rate the filter case while pressing the power. Separate the power plug from orange Dual Protection Filter handle the socket.

  • Page 17

    CLEANING METHOD * Do not wash Allergy HEPA Filter Pow- 5. Separate the Triple Care Filter. (Dur- ered by 3M™ Tech and Triple Care Filter ing the Filter Check) with water, but it needs to be replaced when it is severely contaminated. Be careful not to have filter touch water while using the product.

  • Page 18: How To Clean Various filters

    3M™ Tech replacement the usage environment. Triple Care Filter • If you need more filters, please contact the LG service center. ① Exterior Cleaning Method CAUTION Soak soft cloth in a warm water, squeeze • Do not wipe the main unit opera- it, and wipe the Air Purifier.

  • Page 19: Storage Method

    STORAGE METHOD STORAGE METHOD Storage method Thoroughly clean the Air Purifier main unit and store it well. When it is stored If the product is not used for a long pe- for a long period of time, carefully pack riod of time, store it in a shadow without and store with vinyl cover, etc.

  • Page 20: Troubleshooting Before Calling For Service

    TROUBLESHOOTING BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE TROUBLESHOOTING BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE Symptom Check Actions • Isn’t the power plug pulled – Insert correctly into the socket. It does not out? start at all. • Isn’t the voltage too low? – Check if it is 230 V. •...

  • Page 21: Product Specification

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Depth Width Height The external dimension, design and product standard can change to improve the quality of the product. Model Name AS35GVGG0 Power Supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz 357 (Jet Clean) * CADR (m / h) 282 (High)

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