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Setting Cooking Times & Power Levels; Demonstration Mode; Using The More/Less Buttons; Switching The Beeper On/Off - Samsung ME6124ST Owner's Manual

Samsung microwave oven owner's manual
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Setting Cooking Times & Power Levels
Your microwave allows you to set up to two different stages of cooking, each with its own
time length and power level. The power level button lets you control the heating intensity
from Warm (1) to High (0).
One-stage Cooking
For simple one-stage cooking, you only need to set a cooking time. The power level is auto-
matically set to High. If you want to set the power to any other level, you must set it using the
Power Level button.
Use the number buttons to set a cooking time. You can set a time from one second to
99 minutes, 99 seconds. To set a time over one minute, enter the seconds too.
example, to set 20 minutes, enter 2, 0, 0, 0 .
If you want to set the power level to something other than High, press the Power Level
button, then use the number buttons to enter a power level.
Power Levels:
1 = PL:10
2 = PL:20
3 = PL:30
4 = PL:40
(Medium Low)
5 = PL:50
Press the Start button to begin cooking. If you want to change the power level, press
Pause/Cancel before you press Start, and re-enter all of the instructions.
Some recipes require different stages of cooking at different temperatures. You can set mul-
tiple stages of cooking with your microwave.
Multi-stage Cooking
Follow steps 1 and 2 in the "One-Stage Cooking" section on the previous page.
When entering more than one cooking stage, the Power Level button must be
pressed before the second cooking stage can be entered.
To set the power level at High for a stage of cooking, press the Power Level button
Use the number buttons to set a second cooking time.
Press the Power Level button, then use the number buttons to set the power level of
the second stage of cooking.
Press Start to begin cooking.
You can check the Power Level while cooking is in progress by pressing the Power Level

Demonstration Mode

You can use the Demonstration Mode to see how your microwave oven operates without the
oven heating.
Hold the 0 button and then press the 1 button.
To turn demo mode off, repeat step 1 above.
6 = PL:60
7 = PL:70
(Medium High)
8 = PL:80
9 = PL:90
0 = PL:Hi

Using the More/Less Buttons

The More/Less buttons allow you to adjust pre-set cooking times. They only work in the
Rice/Pasta, Meat/Fish, Snack Bar, Auto Reheat,
Pizza Reheat, Beverage or Time Cook, Kitchen Time modes. Use the More/Less but-
ton only after you have already begun cooking with one of these procedures.
The More/Less feature cannot be used with the Sensor Cook button.
The More/Less key cannot be used with the Auto defrost key.
To ADD more time to an automatic cooking procedure: Press the More(9) button.
To REDUCE the time of an automatic cooking procedure: Press the Less(1) button.
If you wish to increase/decrease in Time Cook, Kitchen Time mode by 10sec,
press the More(9) or Less(1) button.

Switching the Beeper On/Off

You can switch the beeper off whenever you want.
Press the Sound button. The display shows "ON".
("START" will flash)
Press the Sound button to turn the volume off. The display shows: "OFF".("START"
will flash)
Press Start. The display returns to the time of day.

Using the Kitchen Timer

Press the Kitchen Timer button.
Use the Number buttons to set the length of time you want the timer to run.
Press Start to begin Kitchen Timer.
The display counts down and beeps when the time has elapsed.
Note: The microwave does not turn on when the Kitchen timer is used.

Setting the Child Protection Lock

You can lock your microwave oven so it can't be used by unsupervised children.
Hold the "0" button and then press the "2" button. The display shows "Loc".
At this point, the microwave oven cannot be used until it is unlocked. To unlock it,
repeat step 1 above.

Power Saving Feature

After 5 minutes in standby status (after cooking time or in current time display mode),
the display of the microwave oven is turned off.
At this time, press any key to return to the previous state, and to turn the display on
However, the power saving feature does not turn the display off in the following status.
- In case of Error1, Error2, Error3 or Error4

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