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Samsung ME6104W1 Owner's Instructions & Cooking Manual

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Microwave Oven
the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
Owner's instructions & Cooking guide
Please be advised that the Samsung warranty does NOT cover service
calls to explain product operation, correct improper installation, or
perform normal cleaning or maintenance.
This manual is made with 100 % recycled paper.
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  Summary of Contents for Samsung ME6104W1

  • Page 1 Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. Owner’s instructions & Cooking guide Please be advised that the Samsung warranty does NOT cover service calls to explain product operation, correct improper installation, or perform normal cleaning or maintenance. This manual is made with 100 % recycled paper.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety information ..................2 USING THIS INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Quick look-up guide ..................11 You have just purchased a SAMSUNG microwave oven. Your Owner’s Oven features ....................12 Instructions contains valuable information on cooking with your microwave Oven ......................12 oven: Control panel ....................
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: Only allow children to use READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR the oven without supervision when FUTURE REFERENCE. adequate instructions have been given Make sure that these safety precautions are so that the child is able to use the oven obeyed at all times.
  • Page 4 The microwave oven is intended for Failure to maintain the oven in a clean heating food and beverages. Drying of condition could lead to deterioration of food or clothing and heating of warming the surface that could adversely affect pads, slippers, sponges, damp cloth and the life of the appliance and possibly similar may lead to risk of injury, ignition result in a hazardous situation.
  • Page 5 The appliance should not be cleaned During use the appliance becomes hot. with a water jet. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements inside the oven. This oven should be positioned proper direction and height permitting easy WARNING: Accessible parts may access to cavity and control area.
  • Page 6 INSTALLING YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above Place the oven on a flat level surface 85 cm and persons with reduced physical, above the floor. The surface should be strong sensory or mental capabilities or lack of enough to safety bear the weight of the oven.
  • Page 7 Do not install the microwave oven in hot or 1. Clean the outside surfaces with a soft cloth damp surroundings like next to a traditional and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry. oven or radiator. The power supply 2. Remove any splashes or stains on the specifications of the oven must be respected inside surfaces of oven with a soapy cloth.
  • Page 8: Storing And Repairing Your Microwave Oven

    Please contact nearest authorised serviced. Samsung customer care centre to arrange The oven must not be used if the door or for a qualified engineer to replace the bulb. door seals are damaged: WARNING •...
  • Page 9 Do not pull or excessively bend or place heavy Do not pour or directly spray water onto the oven. objecton the power cord. Do not place objects on the oven, inside or on the In the event of a gas leak (such as propane gas, LP door of the oven.
  • Page 10 Do not operate the microwave oven when it is CAUTION empty. The microwave oven will automatically Only use utensils that are suitable for use in shut down for 30 minutes for safety purposes. We microwave ovens; DO NOT use any metallic recommend placing a glass of water inside the oven containers, Dinnerware with gold or silver trimmings, at all times to absorb microwave energy in case the...
  • Page 11: Quick Look-Up Guide

    Samsung will charge a repair fee for replacing an accessory or repairing a cosmetic defect if the damage to the unit and/or damage to or loss of the accessory was caused by the customer. Items this stipulation covers If you want to cook some food.
  • Page 12: Oven Features

  • Page 13: Accessories

    oven use ACCESSORIES HOW A MICROWAVE OVEN WORKS Depending on the model that you have purchased, you are supplied with several Microwaves are high-frequency electromagnetic waves; the energy released enables accessories that can be used in a variety of ways. food to be cooked or reheated without changing either the form or the colour.
  • Page 14: Checking That Your Oven Is Operating Correctly

    CHECKING THAT YOUR OVEN IS OPERATING CORRECTLY SETTING THE TIME The following simple procedure enables you to check that your oven is working correctly Your microwave oven has an inbuilt clock. When power is supplied, “12:00” is at all times. automatically displayed on the display.
  • Page 15: One-Stage Cooking

    ONE-STAGE COOKING MULTI-STAGE COOKING For simple one-stage cooking, you only need to set a cooking time. The power level is 1. If you want to set the Multi-Stage, Use the Number buttons automatically set to High. If you want to set the power to any other level, you must set it to set a second cooking time after follow steps 1 and 2 in using the Power Level button.
  • Page 16: Stopping The Cooking

    STOPPING THE COOKING USING THE SENSOR COOK FEATURES You can stop cooking at any time so that you can: A sensor in the microwave oven detects moisture released from food as it heats, and • Check the food adjusts the cooking time accordingly. •...
  • Page 17: Using The Healthy Cooking Features

    USING THE HEALTHY COOKING FEATURES The Healthy Cooking features has 9 pre-programmed cooking times. You do not need Serving Code/Food Instructions to set either the cooking times or the power level. size Use only recipients that are microwave-safe. 1 Serving Wash and peel the potatoes and cut into a similar Open the door.
  • Page 18: Using The Meat/Poultry Features

    USING THE MEAT/POULTRY FEATURES The Meat/Poultry features has 5 pre-programmed cooking times. You do not need to Code/Food Serving size Instructions set either the cooking times or the power level. 1 Serving Ingredients for meatball. Open the door. Place the food in the centre of the turntable. Close the door. Meatball 450 g ground beef, ¼...
  • Page 19: Using The Snack Features

    USING THE SNACK FEATURES The Snack features has 9 pre-programmed cooking times. You do not need to set either Code/Food Serving size Instructions the cooking times or the power level. 1 Serving (100-150 g) Place two paper towels on a Open the door.
  • Page 20: Using The Power Defrost Features

    USING THE POWER DEFROST FEATURES The Power Defrost features enable you to defrost meat, poultry, fish, bread and cake. The following table presents the various Power Defrost programmes, quantities and The defrost time and power level are set automatically. You simply select the programme appropriate instructions.
  • Page 21: Using The Soften/Melt Features

    USING THE SOFTEN/MELT FEATURES The Soften/Melt features has 4 pre-programmed cooking times. You do not need to set The following table presents the Soften/Melt programmes, quantities and appropriate either the cooking times or the power level. instructions. Those programmes are running with microwave energy only. First, place the food in the centre of the turntable and close the door.
  • Page 22: Using The Ready Meal Features

    USING THE READY MEAL FEATURES USING THE KITCHEN TIMER FEATURES The Ready Meal features has 4 pre-programmed cooking times. You do not need to set You can use timer function with Kitchen Timer button. either the cooking times or the power level. 1.
  • Page 23: Switching The Beeper Off

    cookware guide SWITCHING THE BEEPER OFF You can switch the beeper off whenever you want. To cook food in the microwave oven, the microwaves must be able to penetrate the food, without being reflected or absorbed by the dish used. 1.
  • Page 24: Cooking Techniques

    cooking techniques Microwave- RECOMMENDED Cookware Comments safe Stirring Glassware Stir foods such as casseroles and vegetables while cooking to distribute heat evenly. • Oven-to- Can be used, unless decorated with a metal ✓ Food at the outside of the dish absorbs more energy and heats more quickly, so stir from tableware trim.
  • Page 25 General tips Utensils & cover for sensor cooking • Dense foods, such as potatoes, take longer to heat than lighter foods. Foods with a • To obtain good cooking results with this function, follow the directions for selecting delicate texture should be heated at a low power level to avoid becoming tough. appropriate containers and covers in the charts in this book.
  • Page 26: Cooking Guide

    cooking guide Food Time (minutes per 500 g) Standing time (min.) Guide for manual defrosting Poultry Microwaves are an excellent way of defrosting frozen food. Microwaves gently defrost Chicken Pieces 10-30 frozen food in a short period of time. This can be of great advantage, if unexpected guests suddenly show up.
  • Page 27 Guide for cooking meat in your microwave Guide for cooking poultry in your microwave • Place meat on a microwave-safe roasting rack in a microwave-safe dish. • Place poultry on a microwave-safe roasting rack in a microwave-safe dish. • Start meat fat-side down. Use narrow strips of aluminium foil to shield any bone tips •...
  • Page 28 Guide for cooking seafood in your microwave Guide for cooking vegetables in your microwave • Vegetables should be washed just before cooking. Often, no extra water is needed. If • Cook fish it flakes easily with a fork. dense vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and green beans are being cooked, add •...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting And Error Code

    • Clean the keys and check if there is water on the surface around key. Turn off the microwave oven and try setting again. If it occurs again, call your local SAMSUNG The food is either overcooked or undercooked.
  • Page 30: Technical Specifications

    MEMO SAMSUNG strives to improve its products at all times. Both the design specifications and these user instructions are thus subject to change without notice. Model ME6104W1, ME6104ST1 Power source 240 V ~ 50 Hz AC Power consumption...
  • Page 31 MEMO MEMO ME6104W1_XSA_DE68-04262B-01_EN.indd 31 2014-08-18 4:54:27...
  • Page 32 U.A.E 800-SAMSUNG (800 - 726 7864) OMAN 800-SAMSUNG (800 - 726 7864) (English) KUWAIT 183-CALL (183-2255) (Arabic) BAHRAIN 8000-GSAM (8000-4726) QATAR 800-CALL (800-2255) 08000-726786 EGYPT 16580 ALGERIA 021 36 11 00 PAKISTAN 0800-Samsung (72678)

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