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Epson UB-E03 User Manual page 3

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How to Set Up the UB-E03
Printing a Status Sheet
Power on the printer. Then, hold down the push button on the interface card
for more than 3 seconds. The printer prints the parameters for the UB-E03. You
can check all setting values necessary (IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway
address) for the network connection.
Set the setting of the host PC to match the network setting that you have
confirmed with the status sheet.
You can check whether the connection to the printer has been correctly done
by inputting the ping command through the command prompt.
Example: Ping
Although the example shows the address, use whatever IP address is
reported on the status sheet.
Because the default IP addresses for all the printers are the same, you should power on
and configure only one printer at a time.
Resetting the UB-E03 to Factory Defaults
Hold down the push button on the interface card while turning on printer
power and continue to hold it down until a message that initialization starts is
printed (approximately for 10 seconds). This causes all internal settings to
return to their factory defaults.
There are two ways for the setup. For details, see the UB-E03 Technical
Reference Guide.
Using a Web browser
Start Windows Internet Explorer (or your Web browser.)
Input the IP address of the UB-E03 in the browser address bar and
press Enter (Example: [default]).
The browser displays an opening screen.
You can modify the parameters by following the menus. You must
click Submit to send the change to the printer and then click Reset to
make the submission effective on each Web page. If you change the IP
address, etc., you have to change the setting of the host PC to match
the printer's setting.
Using the TMNet Win Config
The TMNet Win Config is utility for Windows to make network settings
on a TM printer with an Ethernet interface and a wireless LAN interface.



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