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Epson Runsense SF-110 Quick Start Manual

Epson Runsense SF-110 Quick Start Manual

Gps sports monitor
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GPS Sports Monitor
Quick Start Guide
What's in the box
An optional AC adapter (model number: SFAC04) can
be purchased separately.
1. Charging and setup
Charge this product before using it for the first time.
1. Connect the cradle to a power source.
Using a PC
Connect the cradle's USB plug to the computer's USB port.
Do not use a USB hub. Instead, connect the cradle directly to the computer.
• Using the optional AC adapter
Connect the cradle's USB plug to the AC adapter's USB port.
We recommend using the optional AC adapter (model number: SFAC04). If you do not use a
supported AC adapter, you may not be able to charge the product or it may not operate
2. Place the product into the cradle.
Check that the contact points on the SF-110 are pointing up and match the contact marks on
the cradle. After placing the SF-110 into the bottom of the cradle with the LCD screen facing
out, push carefully on the top of the product until it clicks into place.
When the product is placed correctly, the alarm sounds, the charging screen is displayed, and
charging starts.
3. When charging is complete, remove the product from the cradle.
Hold the cradle and press down on the SF-110 to release it.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the language, units, and user information.
Scroll up
Select the
Scroll down
5. When you are in a location with no obstructions overhead, select Yes.
A signal is received from the GPS and time is automatically synchronized.
When Complete is
displayed, press
When you do not use the product for a while, it enters sleep mode and the time display turns off. The
display will turn back on the next time you move the product. If time synchronisation fails, the time screen
will automatically be updated the next time a GPS signal has been received.
6. Install the Epson Run Connect software.
• If you have a Windows® PC:
See section 2, "Using Runsense View (Windows PC)." The PC connection provides the fastest
and easiest data transfer from the SF-110.
• If you don't have a Windows PC:
See section 3, "Using the Epson Run Connect app" for instructions on using the SF-110 with
your iOS or Android™ device.
2. Using RUNSENSE View (Windows PC)
Installing Epson Run Connect software
This product allows you to manage measured data using the RUNSENSE View web app. To upload
measurement data, you need to install Epson Run Connect on your Windows PC and connect to the
Install Epson Run Connect before connecting the product to your PC.
1. Visit (U.S.) or (Canada) and
download Epson Run Connect PC.
2. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions displayed on the setup
Creating an account
1. Connect the cradle to the PC using t he USB cable.
2. Place the product into the cradle.
Check that the contact points on the product are pointing up and match the contact marks on
the cradle. Epson Run Connect starts.
3. Click Create Account and enter your details.
Uploading your data
Connect your RUNSENSE product to the PC. The following box automatically appears.
Enter your Login ID and Password and click Upload.
Viewing your data
1. Click Start RUNSENSE View on the Run Connect screen to launch the web portal.
Or visit
2. Click the data you want to check from the list.
For information on using RUNSENSE View, see the RUNSENSE View Help.
3. Using the Epson Run Connect app
Contact marks
Installing Epson Run Connect
Download and install Epson Run Connect from your mobile device's app store. You can use the app to
upload and monitor your measurement data from your mobile device.
The following mobile devices are supported:
• iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 6 or later.
• Mobile products running Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth® Smart.
Pairing your product
1. Start the Epson Run Connect app on your mobile device.
2. Tap Pairing.
3. Tap Start Pairing.
4. Press
on the SF-110's Time screen to display the Menu screen.
5. Press
to highlight Smart Phone, then press
6. Press
to highlight Connect, then press
Set your height,
weight, DOB,
gender, today's
date, and the date
7. Tap OK on your mobile device.
Your product displays a passcode.
8. Enter the 6-digit passcode on your mobile device and tap OK or Pair.
9. Tap OK to finish pairing.
For more information on using the Epson Run Connect app, see the online iOS or Android user manual.
Caring for your SF-110
Your RUNSENSE product is made from materials commonly used in watches and other consumer
products. Since you may wear your product over extended periods, including when you are exercising
and sweating, it is important that you take care of your skin and your product according to these
instructions. Prolonged wearing of your product without proper care could lead to skin irritation or rash.
Please follow the precautions below to ensure full enjoyment and benefit of your RUNSENSE product:
• Keep RUNSENSE and skin clean.
• Keep RUNSENSE and skin dry.
• Give skin a rest and some air.
Proper wear and care of your SF-110 is an important part of your enjoyment of this product. Make sure
to see the online User Manual for more detailed information on caring for your product.
Safety instructions
The following symbols are used in this guide to indicate possible dangerous operations or handling.
Make sure you understand these warnings before using the product.
This symbol indicates an action that should be done.
This symbol indicates an action that must not be done.
Notes on using the product and components
Exercise according to your physical capabilities.
Stop exercising and consult your doctor if you feel unwell during exercise.
This product is not intended for use to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease or other conditions, and
is not a medical device. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor before using this product.
Do not use or store this product in the following environments. It may cause an electric shock or
fire, or the product may malfunction or be damaged.
• Locations with very high or low temperatures or humidity
• Near volatile substances
• Dusty places
• Near a strong magnetic field (for example, near a loudspeaker)
Do not disassemble this product, and do not attempt to repair this product by yourself. It may
cause an electric shock or accident.
Do not leave this product within reach of young children.
WARNING: The cradle cords included with this product contain chemicals, including lead, known
to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after
handling. (This notice is provided in accordance with Proposition 65 in Cal. Health & Safety code §
25249.5 and following.)
Persons with high skin sensitivity, eczema, allergies, or asthma may be more likely to experience
skin irritation or an allergic reaction from the Runsense product or similar products. Even persons
without such conditions may start to experience redness or skin irritation on wrists from prolonged
use or if the product is not cleaned regularly. If you experience such symptoms:
• Stop wearing and remove your product immediately. Do not put it back on.
• If symptoms persist for more than 2-3 days after removing the product, consult a dermatologist.
• Make sure to follow the wear and care instructions above and in the online User Manual.
Using the chronograph
This function allows you to measure split times and lap times simultaneously.
You can record laps by pressing button
Turn light on/off
Change between screens
1. Press
2. Presss
3. Press
4. To record a lap, press
5. Press
6. Press
7. Press
Measurement data is saved in the product's memory, and you are returned to the time screen.
• The Measurement function is composed of three screens, and you can change the screen display by
For more details, see the online User Manual.
• If no operations are performed for 60 minutes on a screen other than the measurement screen, the time
screen is displayed.
• You can change the following settings from Menu > Settings > Measure Set.
AT Lap function: Automatically measures laps when running a distance set in advance.
AT Pause function: Measuring is automatically paused when you stop running and resumes when you start
running again.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
serious personal injury.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
personal injury or damage the product.
Split Time
Measures the elapsed time from the start.
Lap Time
Records the elapsed time for each lap.
on the product during Chronograph measurement.
Start, stop, or resume recording
Record laps while measuring
on the Time screen to display the Menu screen.
to highlight Workout, then press
on the Measurement screen to start measuring.
while measuring.
Lap Number
Lap Distance
Lap Time
again to stop measuring.
while measuring is stopped to display the Measure Menu screen.
to highlight Stop Workout, then press
to scroll
. You can change the content displayed on screens 1 to 3 by adjusting Measure Set > Screen.



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  • Page 1 This function allows you to measure split times and lap times simultaneously. Split Time Download and install Epson Run Connect from your mobile device's app store. You can use the app to Measures the elapsed time from the start. upload and monitor your measurement data from your mobile device.
  • Page 2 If service is needed, Epson will, at its option, repair or replace the defective unit, without charge for parts or labor. When Epson authorizes an exchange for the defective unit, Epson will...