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Asus Xonar AE User Manual

Asus Xonar AE User Manual

Pcie 7.1 gaming sound card


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Xonar AE
PCIe 7.1 Gaming Sound Card
Quick Start Guide
Safety Information
1. Read these instructions.
2. Keep these instructions.
3. Heed all warnings.
4. Follow all instructions.
5. Do not use this apparatus near water.
6. Clean machine surface with a cloth (Do not apply any detergent or cleaning fluid).
7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
8. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other apparatus (including
amplifiers) that produce heat.
9. The polarized or grounding type plug is for user safety. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the
other other. A grounding -type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third
prong is provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult your electrician for
installation of the appropriate type of power socket.
10. Protect the power cord from being stepped on or compressed, particularly at the point where the cable is
connected to the device.
11. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
12. Use with only the cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table recommended by the manufacturer, or sold with the
product. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart or trolley to avoid injury.
13. Unplug the device during lightning storms or when left unused for long periods of time.
14. Refer all repairs to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the product has been damaged in any
way such as when the power cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or an object have fallen into the
product, the product has been exposed to rain or moisture or does not operate normally or has
been dropped.
Additional Safety Information
For your own safety please read the following important instructions carefully before attempting to
connect this unit to the main power supply. The instructions provided will help you get the best performance from
this device and prolong the life of this product.
Do not attempt to repair or disassemble this product. Consult a qualified technician or professional for service or
Package Contents
This package should contain the following:
• Xonar AE 7.1 PCIe sound card
• Driver CD x1
• S/PDIF TOSLINK optical adapter x1
• Quick Start Guide x1
System Requirements
To ensure a successful installation of the ASUS Strix sound card series, your computer must meet
the following requirements:
• One PCIE 1.0 (or higher) compatible slot for the audio card
• Microsoft® Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 7 SP1(32/64bit)
• Intel® Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz or AMD® Athlon 1400 CPU or faster CPU
• 1GB for 32bit / 2GB for 64bit OS (or above) DRAM system memory
• 300 MB available HDD space for driver installation package
• CD-ROM drive (or DVD-ROM drive) for software installation
• High-quality headphones or powered analog speakers to enjoy the ultra-high fidelity sound
of the card
Driver Installation
After installing the Xonar AE audio card into your computer, you need to install the device driver that enables the
Xonar AE audio card to work with Windows operating system.
IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have installed the audio card driver before installing the Xonar AE driver.
Otherwise, driver installation error may occur.
To install the device driver:
1. After you have installed the Xonar AE card, turn on your computer. Windows
automatically detects the audio card
and searches for device drivers. When prompted for the drivers, click Cancel.
2. Insert the support CD into the optical drive. If Autorun is enabled in your system, the setup starts automatically. If
not, run setup.exe from your support CD.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation.
NOTE: Driver version and the contents of the support CD are subject to change without notice.
Hardware Features
Side view
Audio ports
1. Microphone In port
Connect your external PC microphone to this 3.5mm port for voice input.
Line In port
Connect analog devices like MP3 players, CD players, music synthesizers, and other line-level sound sources to
this 3.5mm port for audio recording or processing.
2. Headphone Out port
Connect your headphone to this port.
3. Front Out port
For 2 channel speaker systems, connects to the input on the powered speakers.
4. Rear Out port
Connect to the rear surround input on 4 powered analog speakers.
5. Center Out port
Connects to the center/subwoofer input on 4/5.1 powered analog speakers.
6. Side Out port
Connects to the side surround input on 7.1 powered analog speakers.
7. S/PDIF Out port
Optical digital output jack. Connects to external digital decoder or digital speaker systems, Home Theater
systems, AV receivers for outputting digital audio including PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, WMA-Pro, etc. Connect
to the surround channel input on 4/5.1/7.1 powered analog speakers
Hardware Features
1. 麥克風輸入連接埠
1. 麥克風輸入接口
2. 耳機輸出連接埠
2. 耳機輸出接口
3. 前置輸出連接埠
3. 前置輸出接口
4. 後置輸出連接埠
4. 後置輸出接口
5. 中心輸出連接埠
5. 中心輸出接口
6. 側邊輸出連接埠
6. 側邊輸出接口
7. S/PDIF 輸出連接埠
7. S/PDIF 輸出接口
1. Porta ingresso microfono
1. マイク入力ポート
Porta line in
2. Porta uscita cuffie
2. ヘッドホン出力ポート
3. Uscita altoparlanti anteriori
3. フロント出力ポート
4. Uscita altoparlanti posteriori
4. リア出力ポート
5. Uscita altoparlante centrale
5. センター出力ポート
6. Uscita altoparlanti laterali
6. サイド出力ポート
7. Porta uscita S/PDIF
7. S/PDIF 出力ポート
‫1. منفذ دخل الميكروفون‬
1. Вход за микрофон
‫منفذ دخل الخط‬
Line In порт
‫2. منفذ خرج سماعة الرأس‬
Изход за слушалки
‫3. منفذ الخرج األمامي‬
Преден изход
‫4. منفذ الخرج الخلفي‬
Заден изход
‫5. منفذ الخرج األوسط‬
5. Централен изход
‫6. منفذ الخرج الجانبي‬
6. Страничен изход
S/PDIF изход
S/PDIF ‫7. منفذ خرج‬
1. Mikrofonstik
1. Microfooningang
2. Hovedtelefonstik
2. Hoofdtelefoonuitgang
3. Forreste udgangsport
3. Uitgang vooraan
4. Bageste udgangsport
4. Uitgang achteraan
5. Midterste udgangsport
5. Uitgang midden
6. Side-udgangsport
6. Uitgang zijkant
7. S/PDIF-udgangsport
7. S/PDIF-uitgang
Bahasa Indonesia
1. Mikrofonbemeneti port
1. Port Masuk Mikrofon
vonalbemeneti port
Port Masuk Saluran
2. Fejhallgató-kimeneti port
2. Port keluar headphone
3. Elülső kimeneti port
3. Port keluar depan
4. Hátsó kimeneti port
4. Port Belakang Keluar
5. Középső kimeneti port
5. Port Output Tengah
6. Oldalsó kimeneti port
6. Port Output Samping
7. S/PDIF-kimeneti port
7. S/PDIF Out header
1. Porta de entrada de microfone
1. Vhodna vrata za mikrofon
Porta de entrada de linha
2. Porta de saída auscultadores
2. Izhodna vrata za slušalke
3. Porta de saída frontal
3. Sprednja izhodna vrata
4. Porta de saída traseira
4. Zadnja izhodna vrata
5. Porta de saída central
5. Osrednja izhodna vrata
6. Porta de saída lateral
6. Stranska izhodna vrata
7. Porta de saída S/PDIF/Lateral
7. Izhodna vrata S/PDIF
1. Mikrofon Giriş portu
1. Порт входу мікрофону
Hat Giriş portu
Порт входу лінії
2. Kulaklık Çıkış portu
2. Порт виходу гарнітури
3. Ön Çıkış portu
3. Передній порт виходу
4. Arka Çıkış bağlantı noktası
4. Задній порт виходу
5. Merkezi Çıkış bağlantı noktası
5. Вихід центрального порту
6. Yan Çıkış bağlantı noktası
6. Вихід бічного порту
7. S/PDIF Çıkışı
7. Порт виходу S/PDIF
Q12645 / First Edition / March 2017
1. Prise microphone
1. Mikrofoneingang
Prise d'entrée audio
Line In-Port
2. Prise casque
2. Kopfhörerausgang
3. Prise de sortie haut-parleur avant
3. Frontausgang
4. Prise de sortie haut-parleur arrière
4. Rück-Surround-Ausgang
5. Prise de sortie haut-parleur central
5. Mittlerer Ausgang
6. Prise de sortie haut-parleur latéral
6. Seitlicher Ausgang
7. Prise de sortie S/PDIF
7. S/PDIF-/Seiten-Ausgang
1. 마이크 입력 포트
1. Разъем для микрофона
Line 입력 포트
2. Разъем для наушников
2. 헤드폰 출력 포트
3. 전방 출력 포트
3. Выход фронтального канала
4. 후면 출력 포트
4. Выход тылового канала
5. 중앙 출력 포트
5. Выход центрального канала
6. Выход бокового канала
6. 측면 출력 포트
7. S/PDIF 출력 / 측면 출력 포트
7. S/PDIF-выход
1. Ulazni priključak za mikrofon
1. Vstupní port mikrofonu
Linijski ulazni
linkový vstup
2. Izlazni priključak slušalica
2. Výstupní port pro připojení sluchátek
3. Priključak prednjeg izlaza
3. Přední výstupní port
4. Stražnji izlazni priključak
4. Zadní výstupní port
5. Priključak izlaza za srednji zvučnik
5. Port středového výstupu
6. Priključak bočnog izlaza
6. Port postranního výstupu
7. S/PDIF izlazni/bočni priključak
7. Výstupní port S/PDIF
1. Mikrofonin tuloportti
1. Θύρα εισόδου μικροφώνου
Linja sisään -portti
Θύρα εισόδου
2. Kuulokemikrofonin lähtöportti
2. Θύρα εξόδου ακουστικών
3. Etu -lähtöportti
3. Μπροστινή θύρα εξόδου
4. Tasavirtalähtöportti
4. Πίσω θύρα εξόδου
5. Keskilähtöportti
5. Θύρα κεντρικής εξόδου
6. Sivulähtöportti
6. Θύρα πλευρικής εξόδου
7. S/PDIF-lähtöportti
7. Θύρα εξόδου S/PDIF
1. Puerto Entrada de micrófono
1. Mikrofoningång
Puerto Entrada de línea
2. Puerto para Auriculares
2. Hörlursutgång
3. Puerto para Salida Frontal
3. Frontutgång
4. Puerto Salida posterior
4. Bakre utgång
5. Puerto de salida central
5. Central utgångsport
6. Puerto de salida lateral
6. Sida utgångsport
7. Puerto Salida S/PDIF
7. S/PDIF-utgång
1. Mikrofon Inn port
1. Wejściowy port mikrofonu
Linje Inn-port
wejściowy port liniowy
2. Hodetelefon Ut-port
2. Wyjściowy port słuchawkowy
3. Front Ut-port
3. Port wyjściowy głośnika przedniego
4. Bakre Ut-port
4. Port wyjściowy głośnika tylnego
5. Midt-utgangsport
5. Centralne gniazdo wyjścia
6. Side-utgangsport
6. Boczne gniazdo wyjścia
7. S/PDIF Ut-port
7. Port wyjściowy S/PDIF
1. Port intrare microfon
1. Ulazni port za mikrofon
Port intrare linie
Ulazni port za liniju
2. Port ieşire căşti
2. Izlazni port za slušalice
3. Port ieşire faţă
3. Prednji izlazni port
4. Port ieşire spate
4. Izlazni port pozadi
5. Port ieşire centru
5. Centralni izlazni port
6. Port ieşire lateral
6. Izlazni port sa strane
7. Port ieşire S/PDIF
7. S/PDIF izlazni port



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