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Solving Technical Problems - Samsung CD Player User Manual

Samsung cd player user manual
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The COMBO drive is not
detected by the computer.
After installing the COMBO drive,
the PC gets slower.
The COMBO drive is not
recognized by MS-DOS.
The COMBO drive is not
detected by Windows.
No sound is heard from an
audio CD.
A CD is not read or is read
too slowly.
The disc compartment will
not open.
When the MPEG software
plays a Video CD, the pictures
are not regular and the running
speed is too slow.
The Disc is not in message is
displayed even though a disc
has been inserted.
The COMBO drive is not
detected after it is connected to
a sound card.
Meaning / Solution
Check that the power, audio and IDE cables are correctly connected
to the computer.
Change the IDE cable and reconnect it to the computer.
Preferably, connect a second IDE cable to the COMBO drive in
master mode.
Check the position of the jumper in the master/slave select terminal.
Reinstall the device driver or update it with the latest version by
downloading it from the Samsung Web site.
This case may occur when there is a Windows installation problem;
reinstall Windows.
Check whether the audio cable is correctly connected to the sound
output terminal on the COMBO drive and the sound card CD-IN
Check that the sound card is operational.
Adjust the volume control.
Run the CD player supplied with Windows or your sound card.
You can listen to the CD by connecting headphones to the
appropriate connector.
If you have installed the appropriate player, such as Microsoft
Windows Media Player, you can adjust the volume using the
headphone volume control on the drive front panel.
If you select DIGITAL at CD Audio Play in Media Player of Windows
ME/XP, the earphone does not appear in the Digital Mode.
Check whether the CD is of good quality and clean it, if necessary.
Check that the power cable is correctly connected.
Power off and disconnect the PC.
Insert a pin or unfolded paper clip in the emergency hole and push
firmly until the disc compartment opens.
Adjust the size of the replay screen.
After checking the display resolution, adjust it, if necessary.
The computer may not recognize the disc if you start playback too
quickly after inserting the disc. Open and close the disc
compartment and try again.
Clean the disc and try again.
The interface mode of the sound card is AT-BUS.
You must therefore connect the COMBO drive to the IDE port on the
PC mother board, rather than to the sound card, or install an E-IDE
compatible sound card.
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