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Upgrading The Firmware Flash Memory; System Requirements - Samsung CD Player User Manual

Samsung cd player user manual
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Using the Drive

Upgrading the Firmware Flash Memory

The product firmware can be upgraded by downloading the updated file from the following Web site:

System Requirements

Before you install the COMBO drive, we strongly recommend that you check that your setup meets the system
requirements listed below.
Intel Pentium II 400MHz/Celeron 466A(or higher), 64 MB of RAM (or higher) with an
80pin IDE interface for Ultra DMA.
Free expansion unit
5.25 inch
Disk space
700 MB minimum
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/NT4.0 (or higher)
Windows version
(For Windows NT, we recommend Service Pack2, and Version is over 4.00.1381)
5.0 or higher (For MS-DOS, The CD-R/CD-RW driver can only read a disc without
premaster Software.)
PC with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/NT4.0 DVD-Video playback software and
DVD Video playback
appropriate hardware (the Power DVD MPEG software is included in the COMBO
drive package)
DVD Region Protection Coding (RPC):
The RPC feature is supported on DVD players and is used with DVD-video discs (such as movies). Currently,
the motionpicture industry has divided the worldinto different regions or zones thatcorrespond to the regional
markets intowhich the motion picture industry releasesmovies. Simply put, RPC codes are placedon movies
marketed throughout the world,based on the region of the world inwhich they are being sold. These
RPCcodes help control and prevent piratingof new movies into other motion pictureregions prior to their true
releasedates within those markets.
The SM-348 COMBO drive supports RPCphase II. In the RPC-2 mode, the localcode can be changed by
users. RPC-2is selected by default for the SM-348 COMBO drive.
You can change the region code up tofive times via an MPEG application.
Please contact your dealer or local SAMSUNG representative if you wish tochange the local code more than
English - 14

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