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Troubleshooting; Solving Recording Problems - Samsung CD Player User Manual

Samsung cd player user manual
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If you have any problems recording via your COMBO drive,
follow the appropriate instructions below for the source that you are using.
Hard Drive
Check whether the source file is corrupted.
Optimize the hard disk by using the Windows defragmenter feature:
Decompress the hard disk if it is compressed.
Make sure that the space available on the hard disk is at least twice the size of the largest file to be
recorded on the disc.
If you wish to record more than 1000 small files:
First create an image file and copy the image file to the disc
Choose the low record speed
Compress small files and then record them
Network Drive
Copy the network drive contents to the hard disk and then from the hard disk to the COMBO drive.
CD-ROM Drive
Clean the source CD, if necessary.
Create an image file and then copy the image file to the COMBO drive.
Check the CD-ROM drive record speed.
There are two recording methods :
Low-speed (file by file)
High-speed (transfer of an image file from the hard disk)
If the transfer speed of the CD-ROM drive is slower than the record speed, reduce the record speed.
The COMBO Drive provide a High Speed rewriting Disc recording function (CD-RW 24X). To rewrite at a High
speed, use the disc which High Speed is printed on.
Ultra Speed
: 24X
High Speed-RW
: supporting 10X , 16X
: supporting 4X
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