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Connecting To Computers; Leds Interface Overview - Acer ALW-3016 User Manual

Acer 16-port 10 / 100 mbps switch user's guide alw-3016
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2.4 Connecting to computers

Make sure the switch is ready for networking by checking if the PWR
indicator displays.
1. Shut down the computer and install an adapter card in.
2. Plug in the one end of UTP cables to the RJ-45 phone jack of adapter.
3. Plug the other end of UTP to normal ports of the switch.
4. Turn on the PC and check if the Link LEDs on the adapter card and the
switch (Named as LNK ACT 100/LNK ACT 10) are lit up. See Figure 2-4-1
If the LED is not lit up, there must be something wrong and please
reference to Chapter 4 for quick trouble shooting.
Figure 2-4-1 Connecting to computers

2.5 LEDs interface overview

You can observe the LEDs status to see if the hub works fine. The
meanings of LEDs are summarized as Table 2-5-1.
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