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Chapter 1 Overview; Product Goal; Product Configuration - Acer ALW-3016 User Manual

Acer 16-port 10 / 100 mbps switch user's guide alw-3016
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1. Overview
Thanks for your purchase of the AcerSwitch 3016. AcerSwitch is an 16-
port dual speed switch works as backbone switch in SOHO environment
for connecting the server or heavy-load user or hubs in LAN environment.

1.1 Product goal

AcerSwitch ALW-3016 provides high-speed and easy access to the LAN
and Intranet for corporations. It allows data transmission at speeds of 10
Mbps or 100 Mbps. It provides an easy installation, all you have to do is
plug the cables from the adapter cards or hub port to the ports, check the
LEDs and you can start networking. And AcerSwitch also provides some
advanced features only provided in some corporate products such as FAN
error. Advise you in advance to prevent the down of LAN or damage of the

1.2 Product configuration

The product configuration inside the package is shown in the figure 1-2-1.
Please check the contents of the package if there is any missing part
before using the switch. The accessories of this product include:
1. ALW-3016 dual speed switch
5. Rubber Footpads
2. User Manual
3. Power Code
4. Mounting Brackets and Screws
Figure 1-2-1 Product configuration of ALW-3016
User's Manual


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