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Chapter 2 Make Your Switch Ready; Installing The Switch - Acer ALW-3016 User Manual

Acer 16-port 10 / 100 mbps switch user's guide alw-3016
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2. Make Your Switch Ready
This chapter will guide you through how to install the AcerSwitch ALW-
3016. It includes procedures for connecting to the external power supply,
installing the switch on your working surface, connecting the switch to your
computer, and guidelines to see if it works well. Before setting up your
switch, please take notes of the front and rear panel of this switch, as
shown in Figure 2-1 and 2-2.

2.1 Installing the switch

You have to find a solid working surface to place the switch and make sure
the equipment is not close to any high voltage power source or over-
heated sources. Also keep away from electronic equipment sensitive to
electronic interface. The brief procedures of installing your switch should be:
Figure 2-1 Front panel
Figure 2-2 Rear Panel
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