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About This Manual - Acer ALH-608ds User Manual

Acer 8-port dual-speed ethernet hub user's manual alh-608ds
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This user manual gives you all the information you need to operate the
AcerHub ALH-608ds dual-speed Ethernet hubs properly.
Note: ALH-608ds is the model number of AcerHub 608ds.This model number
"ALH-608ds" will be used through this manual.
Manual Structure
This user manual consists of Quick Installation Guide, four chapters and one
appendix as follows:
Quick Installation Guide
Chapter 1
This chapter describes the features and functions of the AcerHub ALH-608ds
hub, and the items in the package.
Chapter 2
This chapter describes the installation procedures to quickly make your hub
ready for networking and the easiest way to find out if the hub is working well.
Chapter 3
This chapter describes the network topology for hybrid 10Mbps and 100Mbps
networks, cabling requirements for connections, and the interoperability
between other hubs and switches. A detailed introduction of the bridged uplink
port will also be given.
Chapter 4
This chapter provides a simple troubleshooting guideline that you can follow to
eliminate errors for quick network recovery.
Appendix A

About this Manual

Make Your Hub Ready
Building Feasible Networks



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