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Chapter 3 Building Feasible Networks; Network Topology For Acerhub Alh-608Ds - Acer ALH-608ds User Manual

Acer 8-port dual-speed ethernet hub user's manual alh-608ds
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3. Building Feasible Networks
This chapter describes the network topology for hybrid 10Mbps and 100Mbps
networks, cabling requirement for connections, the interoperability between
hubs and switches and the function of bridge Up-Link port. Please turn over
the page to see the different Topologies.
3.1 Network topology for AcerHub ALH-608ds : The factors for ALH-608ds
dual-speed network implementation are:
• For stand-alone one, the ALH-608ds consists of separate 10Mbps and
100Mbps network domains with one built-in switch to inter-connect the data
in domains, as shown in Figure 3-1.
• The hub will be divided into Master and Slave hubs when they are stacked
together. The upper most hub is the Master hub, and other hubs are Slave
hubs. The Master hub continues to use the built-in switch but the switch
in the Slave hubs will be disabled. The Slave hubs will provide a uplink port
with bridge functional(so called Bridge Uplink Port) that utilizes the first
connection port as well, as in Figure 3-2.
Figure 3-1 Separate domains in ALH-608ds.
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