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Acer ALH-608ds User Manual page 23

Acer 8-port dual-speed ethernet hub user's manual alh-608ds
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Figure 3-2 Master and Slave hubs in stacking ALH-608ds.
1. To concern the convenience of the cross-wiring connection
between hubs, ALH-608ds provide 1 normal port (marked as "II)
and 1 cross-over port (marked as "X"). These 2 ports are wired to
each other by different wiring assignments.
2. The up-link port utilizes the first connection port with "X"
sign.When you connect to another hub by this uplink port, you
cannot simultaneously connect a PC to this port in which "II" sign is
marked . The reason being that if a PC is connected to it, the
physical signal in the cable will be corrupted.
• The built-in switches in slave hubs will be disabled automatically to avoid
data looping from multiple inter-connections of hubs, as shown in Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3 Auto Data looping prevention in ALH-608ds.
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