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Messages; Write Message; Inbox; Archive In Uim - LG 510 Owner's Manual

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If you receive a message during a
conversation, your phone will play a
specified alert tone. In standby mode,
slightly touch
the Messages menu.

Write message

Select it to create a text message.
Sending an SMS
1 Touch Write message.
2 Touch Recipient field to enter
the recipient's number, or touch
and select Group search to
open your Contacts. (You can add
multiple recipients)
3 Touch Message contents area to
enter message. (Please refer to page
15 for text entry modes.)
4 Slide upwards on the screen to see
Save option.
5 Touch Save field to select whether
to save the message in Outbox
or not.
6 Touch Priority field to set the
LG 510 | User Guide
to directly display
7 Touch
NOTE: LMS (Long Message
Service ) allows user to send a
message up to 918 characters at
a time. Maximum 6 packets of
English messages can be sent.
Each LMS packet is received as
individual message.


When you receive a message, your
phone will prompt you.The received
message will be saved in the message
inbox. If there are any un-read
messages in the message inbox, the
icon will be displayed.

Archive in UIM

You can view the messages saved in
UIM card. Messages in UIM card can
be moved to the phone memory.
Likewise, the messages in the
message inbox can be moved to the
archive in UIM card.


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