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Safety Information - LG 510 Owner's Manual

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Safety Information

where the air contains chemicals or
particles (such as grain, dust, or metal
you would normally be advised to
turn off your vehicle engine.
For Vehicles Equipped with an
Air Bag
An air bag inflates with great force.
DO NOT place objects, including
either installed or portable wireless
equipment, in the area over the air
bag or in the air bag deployment area.
If in-vehicle wireless equipment is
improperly installed and the air bag
inflates, serious injury could result.
Safety Information
Please read and observe the following
information for safe and proper
use of your phone and to prevent
damage. Also, keep the user guide in
an accessible place at all times after
reading it.
Caution! Violation of the instructions
may cause minor or serious damage
to the product.
LG 510 | User Guide
Charger and Adapter Safety
The charger and adapter are
intended for indoor use only.
Insert the battery pack charger
vertically into the wall power socket.
Use the correct adapter for your
phone when using the battery pack
charger abroad.
Only use the approved battery
charger. Otherwise, you may cause
serious damage to your phone.
Battery Information and Care
Please dispose of your battery
properly or take it to your local
wireless carrier for recycling.
The battery doesn't need to be
empty before recharging.
Use only LG-approved chargers
specific to your phone model since
they are designed to maximize
battery life.
Do not disassemble or short-circuit
the battery.
Keep the battery's metal contacts
Replace the battery when it
no longer provides acceptable


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