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Fda Consumer Update - LG 510 Owner's Manual

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Safety Information
Avoid turning up the volume to
block out noisy surroundings.
Turn the volume down if you can't
hear people speaking near you.
For information about how to set
a maximum volume limit on your
handset, please refer to the features
guide for your handset.
Using headsets safely
Use of headsets to listen to music
while operating a vehicle is not
recommended and is illegal in some
areas. Be careful and attentive while
driving. Stop using this device if
you find it disruptive or distracting
while operating any type of vehicle
or performing any other activity that
requires your full attention.
LG 510 | User Guide
FDA Consumer
The U.S. Food and Drug
Administration's Center for Devices
and Radiological Health Consumer
Update on Mobile Phones:
1. Do wireless phones pose a health
The available scientific evidence does
not show that any health problems
are associated with using wireless
phones. There is no proof, however,
that wireless phones are absolutely
safe. Wireless phones emit low levels
of Radio Frequency (RF) energy in the
microwave range while being used.
They also emit very low levels of RF
when in standby mode. Whereas
high levels of RF can produce health
effects (by heating tissue), exposure
to low level RF that does not produce
heating effects causes no known
adverse health effects. Many studies
of low level RF exposures have not
found any biological effects. Some
studies have suggested that some
biological effects may occur, but such


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