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Standby Screen - LG 510 Owner's Manual

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Standby screen

Whenever your LG510 is not in use it
will return to standby screen. From
here you can access all the menu
options, make a quick call and view
the status of your phone as well as
many other things.
Touch screen tips
The home screen is also a great place
to get accustomed to the touch
To select an item, touch the icon
accurately. Your LG510 will vibrate
slightly when it recognises you've
touched an option.
To scroll through lists, touch the last
item visible and slide your finger up
the screen. The list will move up so
more items are visible.
the touchscreen is sensitive enough
to pick up on a light, yet firm, touch.
the option you want. Be careful not
to touch any other options around it.
press the Unlock/Lock key
right hand side to bring back the
home screen.
LG 510 | User Guide
cover. The touchscreen won't work
with any material covering it.
to adjust the touch screen's vibration,
sound, and calibration. If the touch
screen is not responding as you
expect, calibrate the screen for touch
There are two types of standby screen.
Flick left or right to change the
standby screen.
Widget idle
When you touch , the mobile widget
panel appears.
on the
, tap
and se lect
Quick keys


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