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Microsd Card - LG 510 Owner's Manual

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microSD card

Installing microSD card
Using a microSD
the available storage space of your
mobile phone.
To insert a microSD card, insert it into
the card slot until it clicks into place.
Ensure that the golden contact area
faces upwards, as shown in the figure.
LG 510 | User Guide
card can expand
Formatting microSD card
If your microSD card has been
formatted, you can use it. If you
microSD card is not formatted, format
it first.
1 Touch
on the standby screen,
and then touch
Phone settings.
2 Place your finger on the touch
screen and apply gentle upward
pressure to scroll the list up,then
touch Memory status and select
Format External U_Disc.
3 Enter the lock code to format your
microSD card. Your card will then be
formatted and ready to use.
NOTE: The default lock code is
and select


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