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LG PSF1032A User Manual

Plasma lighting system
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• Please read this installation manual completely
before installing the product.
• Installation work must be performed in
accordance with the national wiring standards by
authorized personnel only.
• Please retain this installation manual for future
reference after reading it thoroughly.
User Manual
P/No.: MFL62883403


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for LG PSF1032A

  • Page 1 User Manual MODEL : PSF1032A ※ IMPORTANT • Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product. • Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring standards by authorized personnel only. • Please retain this installation manual for future reference after reading it thoroughly.
  • Page 2 What is PLS? Plasma Lighting System PLS is a non-electrode lighting device using the new concept of plasma illumination by microwave. Features PLS is an economic lamp with high efficiency and long life span. - Power consumption and maintenance cost are lower compared to the existing lighting (Based on number of installations) - With the ballast internally installed, there is no need to separately purchase the ballast.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precaution Installation and power connection Using and cleaning Installation method Component and name Installation criteria and example 10~12 Check before requesting for service Product specification Product warranty Customer card About customer service...
  • Page 4: Safety Precaution

    • The meaning of the symbol shown on product and this manual are as follows. Safety • This symbol shows the detail and operation that can result in precaution dangerous situation. Read carefully and follow the direction with this symbol to avoid any dangerous situation. •...
  • Page 5 WARNING Firmly fixate the product Use the product at rated considering the installation specification. Within support, product weight (21kg) • It can cause a fire or product ±10% and the vibration so that it does damage. not shake. [Always use fixating bolt M8, spring washer and nut.] 21kg •...
  • Page 6: Using And Cleaning

    WARNING Safety precaution Do not disassemble or reconfigure the product. Use and Do not use the product for underwater lighting. (Underwater lighting display, exploration, Cleaning fishing, event etc.) • It can cause a fire or an electric shock. Never disassemble the main unit of the product. •...
  • Page 7 WARNING Be careful not to let any Do not use the product alien object (Pin, coin, steel when dropped or when wire) get into the inlet/outlet impact is applied. and internal/external hole on • It can cause problems to the case. the product.
  • Page 8: Installation Method

    Before installing… Installation – This model (PSF1032A) is designed to be installed outdoors and method supports day to day water proofing. – To prevent the product from falling by wind or other external force, use the bolt and nut of M8 or above.
  • Page 9: Component And Name

    Product size Component (Units : mm) and name Component and name Cover, Front Cover, Side Cover, Back Tilt, Swivel Cable, High Voltage Power Cord (Plug-less) Power Supply Cover, Top Glass, Cover Bolt, Aiming Angle Case, Upper Case, Lower ※ Accessories in box Item No.
  • Page 10 Power condition and switchboard Installation configuration for PLS installation criteria and • Because the power consumption per 1 set of PLS is high, example the cross sectional area of the switchboard must appropriately be applied, and for stable operation, one control switch must be installed for each set.
  • Page 11 Case lower – Refer to the dimension of the case below the power supply and fixate the product. (Units : mm) Inlet Bolt/Nut connection (Hole with width of 10mm) Outlet Base plate to fixate product (Separately manufactured) – Considering the safety of the system and installation, it is recommended to manufacture the base plate separately to fixate the product.
  • Page 12: Installation Criteria And Example

    Installation criteria and example Optical source (LDM) Bolt, Aiming Angle M8 Bolt Power supply (PSM) Inlet Outlet Base plate to fixate product Base Plate Spring Washer M8 Nut • Install the product on even ground free from submersion. • When adjusting the bolt (M12 bolt, aiming angle) to adjust the PLS angle, always use a spanner and maintain torque of or above.
  • Page 13: Check Before Requesting For Service

    Check Symptom Check points Action before Cooling fan is not Is the power outlet Change to requesting operating 220~240V? 220~240V power outlet. for service Light is turned off Request for repair within 5 minutes service after it is turned Light flashes Does the flashing If the light flashes within 5 minutes...
  • Page 14: Product Specification

    Product Model name : PSF1032A specification Rated voltage : 220-240 V / 50 Hz Power consumption : 1000 W : 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz ISM frequency Dimension : L570 x W440 x H680 mm Weight : 21 kg : 87,000 lm ± 4,350 lm...
  • Page 15: Product Warranty

    Product warranty Model name : Product name : PLS-type Induction Lamp Warranty Period Date of Purchase : 1 year Name of Customer : Telephone #: Address: Name of Retailer : Telephone #: Address: 20 Yeouido-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, KOREA Because this Warranty Card specifying the date of purchase may be necessary for sufficient service in case of a request for repair, please keep this Warranty Card carefully.
  • Page 16: Customer Card

    Customer card Product name : PLS-type Induction Lamp Warranty Period Model name : 1 year Date of Sale : Name of Customer : Telephone # : Address : Resident Registration Number : E-mail Address : This Customer Card will be used for customer management in a specialty store. ※...
  • Page 17: About Customer Service

    ❸ In case of damage in appearance or deformation due to solvent such as thinner or benzene. ❹ In case of failure due to the use of parts or consumables other than LG Electronics' original parts. ❺ In case of failure of product due to wrong authorization of using voltage.
  • Page 18 Memo...
  • Page 19 Memo...
  • Page 20 * This product is not serviced generally Authorized LG Service Centers. Contact installed company for PLS or above call center number. Contents of User’s Manual are based on October, 2010 and may be changed without a prior notice.