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LG PSF1032A Service Manual

Plasma lighting system
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(Plasma Lighting System)
Caution: Please read the "Safety precaution" before repairing the product.
Model: PSF1032A


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for LG PSF1032A

  • Page 1 (Plasma Lighting System) SERVICE MANUAL Caution: Please read the “Safety precaution” before repairing the product. Model: PSF1032A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2. Product specification ................. 4 3. Exterior and name ..................5 4. Installation environment and method ■ PSF1032A installation environment guide ..........6 ■ Installation method and example ............. 7~10 ■ Example of incorrect installation ............11 5. Operating principle and description ■...
  • Page 3: Safety Precaution

    1. Safety precaution Caution: PLS product operates at high temperature and generates high voltage at the power supply. Because it can cause serious injury such as electric shock or burn when handling the product, please read follow the check order as shown below. 1.
  • Page 4: Product Specification

    2. Product specification CLASSIFICATION SPECIFICATION Single phase 220-240 V / 50 Hz Rated voltage (AC) Rated current (AC) 4.7A ± 5% Power consumption 1,000W High frequency output (Microwave) 450 W 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz High frequency 2M214.A03GPTF Lightron 85,000 lm Optical speed 85 lm/W Optical efficiency...
  • Page 5: Exterior And Name

    3. Exterior and name Cover, Front Cover, Side Cover, Back Tilt, Swivel Cable, High Voltage Power Cord Power Supply (Plug-less) Cover, Top Glass, Cover Bolt, Aiming Angle Case, Upper Case, Lower...
  • Page 6: Installation Environment And Method

    Request for consultation To maintain safety of high voltage power and to prevent malfunction, connecting the grounding cable to ※ each PLS set. Above conditions related to power must be complied. If changes are required, please contact LG for ※ consultation.
  • Page 7: Installation Method And Example

    ▣ Installation method and example 1) This model (PSF1032A) is designed to be installed outdoors and supports day to day water proofing. 2) To prevent the product from falling by wind or other external force, use the bolt and nut of M8 or above.
  • Page 8 ※ ※ Power condition and switchboard configuration for PLS installation • Because the power consumption per 1 set of PLS is high, the cross sectional area of the switchboard must appropriately be applied, and for stable operation, one control switch must be installed for each set.
  • Page 9 ※ ※ Lower Case and Base Plate size Case Lower – Refer to the dimension of the case below the power supply and fixate the product. (Units : mm) Inlet Bolt/Nut connection (Hole with width of 10mm) Outlet Base plate to fixate product (Separately manufactured) –...
  • Page 10 ※ ※ Installation example Optical source (LDM) Bolt, Aiming Angle M8 Bolt Power supply (PSM) Inlet Outlet Base plate to fixate product Base Plate Spring Washer M8 Nut • Install the product on even ground free from submersion. • When adjusting the bolt (M12 bolt, aiming angle) to adjust the PLS angle, always use a spanner and maintain torque of or above.
  • Page 11: Example Of Incorrect Installation

    ▣ Example of incorrect installation ※ Below shows the example of incorrect application/usage. Be careful with installation and usage in the following cases as it can cause electric shock, injury, burn etc. Example of incorrect application and usage Expected risk Fire/Electric shock When using with impact, such as product falling, applied on product Fire/Electric shock...
  • Page 12: Operating Principle And Description

    5. Operating principle and description ▣ Block Diagram...
  • Page 13: Pls Operating Order

    ▣ PLS operating order...
  • Page 14: Drive Pcb Diagram

    ▣ Drive PCB diagram ※ ※ PSF1032A PCB ASSEMBLY INVERTER P800 AC 220V input LED700/701 DC/15V/24V power LED P901 DC fan connector P900 SYS, fan, bulb MTR connector VR800 output volume control P301 Ext. PGM loading terminal LED 300 error display...
  • Page 15 ※ ※ PSF1032A LED error display LED error display No. 1: Input voltage error No. 2: BLDC error No. 4: Input current error No. 5: Inverter internal temperature error...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    6. Troubleshooting ▣ Error mode and action * Caution: First, check whether the power cord is unplugged from the outlet and then check/repair according to the safety precaution and procedure. Action item 2 Error mode Check point Check method Action item 1 (If not resolved by action item 1) Check whether the power Check for any issue on L, N,...
  • Page 17: Error Check Mode And Resolution

    ▣ Error check mode and resolution Error Error display Error detail (Check limit) Check point Code Error LED on-and-off 1 time Unstable input power voltage and Line Voltage Error Check operation with overvoltage (220V ± 15% or more) ● ● ●→) BLDC FG Error Check Check whether BLDC is locked and...
  • Page 18: Disassembly Diagram

    7. Disassembly diagram...
  • Page 19: Replacement Parts List

    PART NO. DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION Generator Assembly, Microwave AEC70519301 Guide Assembly, Wave Waveguide Assembly, PSF10 ADZ72910401 Generator Assembly, Microwave PSF1032A, 7500K MAZ62067401 Bracket, Fan PRESS AL 1 Air Guide EAL31553601 Fan Module 4715K 2.95kRPM DC 24V Power Supply Assembly EBR62853901 PCB Assembly NYX1k Inverter Assembly (BLDC &...
  • Page 20 ※ Service inquiry and contact Tel : 1544-5472 Fax: 055-268-4585 Address : PLS Part 76, Seongsan-dong, Changwon-city, Gyeongnam, Korea October, 2010 Printed in Korea P/No.:MFL62883503...