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Magnetic Strip Reader (Msr), Biometric Reader, Or Webcam); Configuring Powered Serial Ports - HP 9015 Hardware Reference Manual

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Configuring all optional HP integrated USB peripheral modules
(HP integrated USB barcode scanner, magnetic strip reader
(MSR), biometric reader, or webcam)
To configure the integrated USB peripheral, refer to the HP Point of Sale Configuration Guide (available in
English only). The guide is located with the documentation on your retail computer and at To access the guide on the retail computer, select Start > HP Point of Sale
between the time your product was manufactured and the time it was delivered to you.

Configuring powered serial ports

The serial ports can be configured as standard (non-powered) serial ports or powered serial ports. Some
devices use a powered serial port. If the serial port is configured as a powered port, devices that support a
powered serial interface do not require an external power source.
The computer ships with all serial ports configured in standard non-powered serial mode (0 Volts) by
The serial ports can be configured using the Computer F10 Setup utility. Under the Onboard Devices menu,
you are given the option to select the following three settings for each individual serial port.
0 Volts
5 Volts
12 Volts
before changing the serial port voltage settings in the Computer F10 Setup utility.
To access the Computer F10 Setup utility, restart the computer and press the
HP logo screen is displayed (before the computer boots to the operating system).
Chapter 3 Configuring the software
The system must be powered off before connecting or disconnecting serial port devices.
Unplug all devices currently connected to the powered serial ports and reboot the computer
for updated software or documentation that became available
key as soon as the

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