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If the pointer continues to move after you lift your finger
from the TouchPad surface, wait a few seconds and the
pointer will stop moving.
To execute the click functions of the left or right button on an
external mouse, press the left or right TouchPad button.
To scroll upward, press the icon in the upward scroll zone. To
scroll downward, press the icon in the downward scroll zone.
To enable or disable the TouchPad, press the TouchPad
button. When the TouchPad is enabled, the TouchPad light
is on.
The notebook turns on with the TouchPad enabled. Users
who work with keystrokes rather than mouse actions may
prefer to disable the TouchPad to prevent accidental
TouchPad activity.

Setting TouchPad Preferences

Pointer speed and shape, click speed, mouse trails, and other
pointing device preferences are set in the operating system Mouse
Properties window. To access Mouse Properties, select Start >
Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware icon > Mouse icon.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents