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Restoration and Documentation CDs

CDs for repairing or reinstalling software and for obtaining
supplementary information about the notebook are included with
the notebook.
For information about restoring, repairing, or reinstalling
software, refer to Chapter 9, "Software Updates, Restorations
and Utilities."
For supplementary information about the notebook, refer to
the Documentation Library CD. The Documentation Library
CD included with all models includes the following guides.
Additional guides, for example instruction manuals for using
an optional wireless device, are included with select models.
For Information About These Topics
Caring for the notebook and drives
Preparing the notebook for transport
Traveling with the notebook
Solving notebook problems yourself
Getting help from Compaq
Governmental and safety information
Protecting the notebook from static
Ergonomic and safety information
General instructions for using modem
AT commands
AT commands supported by a Lucent/Agere
modem. (An optional internal modem
supports the Lucent/Agere command set.)
*Available in English only.
Select This Guide
Maintenance, Shipping
and Travel
Regulatory and Safety
Safety & Comfort Guide
Modem Command
Guidelines (Advanced
Users Only)
Command Set
(Advanced Users Only)*
Startup and Reference Guide—Part 2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents