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Important Safety Information
Before using this manual, it is important that you read and understand all of the related safety information for
this product. Refer to the Safety and Warranty Guide that you received with this product for the latest safety
information. Reading and understanding this safety information reduces the risk of personal injury or product
Product color and other graphics in this User Guide are for reference only and may not match the actual product.
Turning on Beacon
Getting started
Front View and Rear View
Power button*/Status indicator
Wi-Fi status indicator
USB copy button
HDMI connector
Power connector
* The power LED blinks slowly when the Beacon is in sleep mode. Press the
power button to wake it.
LED Indicators
Power LED
Power On/Off: Blinking white
Working: Solid white
System error: Solid red
Sleep mode: Blinking white slowly
Shows the status of the left-hand side HDD.
Data transmission: Blinking white
System error: Solid red
Shows the status of the right-hand side HDD.
Data transmission: Blinking white
System error: Solid red
Wi-Fi Connection LED
Connected with router: Solid white
Data transmission: Blinking white
Wi-Fi connection failed: Solid red
USB copy button LED
Read/write USB data: Blinking white
USB device mounted: Solid white
Connecting Beacon to the network
1. Example Local Area Network (LAN).
• Make sure Beacon and client devices connect to the same Local Area Network (LAN)
• Wireless compatibility: Beacon can connect wirelessly with your router. However, the
first time you connect Beacon to your router, you must use an Ethernet cable.
Initial setup
Hard disk drive (HDD) indicators (2)
Reset button
USB connectors (2)
Ethernet connector
Security cable slot
2. Example Wide Area Network (WAN).
In a WAN environment, you must control Beacon by logging in with a
Lenovo ID.
• If Beacon is connected over LAN, the client must connect to the same LAN. If they
are connected to the same LAN but Beacon cannot be detected, check your firewall
settings to make sure the Beacon application is not blocked.
• When connecting to Beacon over WLAN using a Lenovo ID, make sure the same ID is
used to log in to both Beacon and the client.
• Online services may require separate agreements with selected third party service
providers, which are subject to the credit approval and applicable service agreements
or terms, rate plans and coverage maps of that provider. Service is available in select
metropolitan areas, but may not be available everywhere. The service provider is solely
responsible for the service. Lenovo customers may be contacted after purchasing this
product to activate this service. A network connection, third-party software and/or
additional hardware may be required. Additional restrictions may apply.
Setting up your Beacon
• Client device system requirements: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or
Android version 3.0 and above.
• Account settings: Used to log in to Beacon and manage its contents. The default
account name is "admin" (cannot be changed). Please enter a password and your
email address. If you have Administrator permissions, you can create new accounts.
• Lenovo ID: Bind your Lenovo ID to connect your device with Beacon through the
Method 1:
Using a Windows or Android client device.
You must first download and install the Beacon client app from: http://www.lenovo.
com/support. This app allows you to control Beacon and to carry out initial setup.
Android app
(Scan this code with your Android client device)
a. Install the Windows or Android app on a client device in the same LAN.
(The steps below show initial setup on Android.)
b. Find the app icon on your device and
c. A new dialog box will pop up. The
launch it. Find the Beacon device on
default account name and password
your network and follow the prompts.
are "admin". Enter your e-mail address
and click OK to finish setting up the
d. In the next dialog box, select the
e. Register a new Lenovo ID to finish
Wi-Fi network that the Beacon is
the initial setup procedure. (This step
connected to.
can be skipped by clicking the Finish
Method 2:
Connect Beacon to a TV or a monitor with a High Definition Multimedia
Interface (HDMI) connector, then connect a keyboard and mouse to Beacon to
perform the initial setup.
TV or Monitor
Follow the prompts to set up Beacon. There is no need to install any client applications.
All the peripherals and HDMI cable need to be purchased separately.
OneKey USB copy
Use OneKey to upload the contents of connected USB devices to Beacon.
Press and hold the USB copy button for over 1 second.
Main functions
System upgrade
Connect Beacon to the TV, then select System Administration → System Set →
System Upgrade.
Data management
You can connect client devices to Beacon for convenient management of personal or
multimedia files, such as backing up data, sharing, synchronizing and downloading.
Remote access
You can access data on Beacon over the internet. Use your Lenovo ID to quickly find
Beacon and remotely access and manage your data.
Remote access is affected by network stability. Other environmental factors may
affect operation and the quality of the user experience.
"Play to" function
You can use client devices and applications to play multimedia files on your Beacon
to your TV, tablet, or other connected devices. You can also browse or play
multimedia files on Beacon directly from your TV.
Restore factory settings
System settings recovery: When Beacon is on, press and hold the Reset button for
at least 3 seconds to restore factory settings.
Operating system recovery: Turn off the Beacon. Simultaneously press down the
Reset button and Power button for over 3 seconds to restore the operating system.
You can use this procedure to restore the default password if you forget your
account password.
Removing the cover
It helps to lay the device on a soft flat surface for this procedure. Lenovo
recommends that you use a blanket, towel, or other soft cloth to protect the cover surface
from scratches or other damage.
1. Lift up the top cover from the notch then slide the cover out as shown.
Hard disk drive
2. To reattach the cover:
Align the cover with the chassis, then slide the cover back into position.
Replacing the hard disk drive
1. Remove the cover(s). Refer to "Removing the cover".
2. Detach the hard disk drive from the connector as shown.
3. Push the edge of the bracket outward to release the hard disk drive, then slide
out the hard disk drive.
4. Install a new 3.5 inch hard disk drive as follows:
1) Line up the new hard disk drive with the bracket and secure it with the pins.
2) Slide the hard disk drive and bracket back into position.
3) Slide the cover back into position.


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  • Page 1 3. Push the edge of the bracket outward to release the hard disk drive, then slide out the hard disk drive. Keyboard Mouse Follow the prompts to set up Beacon. There is no need to install any client applications. Note: All the peripherals and HDMI cable need to be purchased separately. Phone...
  • Page 2 • Make sure that the multimedia file is present and not corrupt. Caution: • Keep in mind that Beacon is meant for file-sharing and media playback. Any devices that connect to Beacon can access shared folders and files. Do not store private data in shared folders or files, and do not place anyone else’s private data or personal information in shared files or folders.

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