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Maintenance - RCA RS2653 User Manual

5cd audio system
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Disconnect the audio system from the power source
before performing any maintenance.
Clean the exterior of the system using a soft dust
CD Player
CAUTION! This system operates with a laser. It must
be opened by only a qualified technician.
Tape Player
To prevent deterioration of sound quality, periodical-
ly open the door of each deck and clean the magnet-
ic heads, pinch roller, and capstan with a cotton bud
dipped in alcohol. Also, demagnetize the head by
playing a demagnetizing cassette (available through
an audio equipment store).
To protect recordings on
one or both sides of a tape,
Side A Protection
Side B Protection
remove the corresponding
tab. If you later want to
record on the tape, affix a
piece of adhesive tape over the hole.
Quit Slacking - A little bit of slack
in your tapes can cause scratches
on the tape, or worse yet, the
tape could break. If you notice
some slack in the tape, use a
pencil to tighten it up before
you insert it.
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Handling CDs
• Do not touch the signal surfaces. Hold CDs by the
edges, or by one edge and the hole. Do not affix
labels or adhesive tapes to the label surfaces. Do
not scratch or damage the label. CDs rotate at high
speeds inside the player. Do not use damaged
(cracked or warped) CDs
Cleaning CDs
• Dirty CDs can cause poor sound quality. Always
keep CDs clean by wiping them gently with a soft
cloth from the inner edge toward the outer perime-
• If a CD becomes dirty, wet a soft cloth in water,
wring it out well, wipe the dirt away gently, and
then remove any water drops with a dry cloth.
• Do not use record cleaning sprays or antistatic
agents on CDs. Also, never clean CDs with benzene,
thinner, or other volatile solvents which may cause
damage to disc surface
CD Lens Care
When your CD lens gets dirty it can also cause the
system to output poor sound quality. To clean the
lens you will need to purchase a CD lens cleaner
which can maintain the output sound quality of
your system. For instructions on cleaning the CD
lens, refer to the ones accompanying the lens
Important Information
Safety Precautions
• Never open the cabinet under any circumstances.
Any repairs or internal adjustments should be made
only by a trained technician.
• Never operate this product with the cabinet
•Do not use your System immediately after trans-
porting it from a cold place to a warm place, as con-
densation may cause the system to malfunction.
• Keep your unit away from humid areas and abnor-
mally hot places.
• Do not touch the player with wet hands. If any liq-
uid enters the player cabinet, take the player to a
trained technician for inspection.
• This compact disc player uses a laser to read the
music on the disc. The laser mechanism corresponds
to the cartridge and stylus of a record player.
Although this product incorporates a laser pick-up
lens, it is completely safe when operated according
to directions.
• Discs rotate at high speed inside the player. Do not
use damaged, warped, or cracked discs.
• Do not touch the pick-up lens which is located
inside the disc compartment. To keep dust from col-
lecting on the pick-up lens, do not leave the com-
partment door open for an extended period of time.
If the lens becomes dirty, clean it with a soft brush, or
use an air blower brush designed for camera lenses.
• The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping
and splashing and that no objects filled with liquids,
such as vases, shall be placed on apparatus.
• Main plug is used as the disconnet device, it shall
remain operable and should not be obstructed dur-
ing intended use. To be completely disconnected the
apparatus from supply mains, the main plug of the
apparatus shall be disconnected from the mains
socket outlet completely.
Headset Safety
• Do not play your headset at high volume.
Hearing experts warn against extended high-vol-
ume play.
• If you experience ringing in your ears, reduce vol-
ume or discontinue use.
• You should use with extreme caution or temporar-
ily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situa-
tions. Even if your headset is an open-air designed
to let you to hear outside sounds, do not turn up
the volume so high that you are unable to hear
what is around you.
Important Battery Information
• Remove the batteries to avoid leakage if you do
not use your remote control for more than one
• Discard leaky batteries immediately as leaking bat-
teries may cause skin burns or other personal injuries.
Dispose of batteries in the proper manner, according
to provincial and local regulations.
• Any battery may leak electrolyte under the follow-
ing circumstances:
- if mixed with a different battery type,
- if inserted incorrectly,
- if all batteries are not replaced at the same time,
- if disposed of in fire, or
- if an attempt is made to charge a battery not
intended to be recharged.
Don't Infringe
This product should only be used for the purposes for
which it is sold, that is, entertainment, violating no
copyright law. Any attempts to use this product for
unintended purposes are unlawful and therefore not
condoned by Thomson.
Technical Specification
Power supply: 120V~60Hz
Dimensions ( H x W x D inches):
Unit size - 12.3 x 12 x 15.9
Main Speaker - 12.2 x 9 x 7
Tape deck: Response curve: 125Hz-8kHz (-5dB)
CD player: Response curve (+/- 2dB): 60Hz to 15 kHz
Rating Plate: Look for it at the back of the set.
The descriptions and characteristics given in this document are given
as a general indication and not as a guarantee. In order to provide
the highest quality product possible, we reserve the right to make
any improvement or modification without prior notice. The English
version serves as the final reference on all products and operational
details should any discrepancies arise in other languages.

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