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Honeywell NXS0003V35A2H1 Product Data

Nxs series
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NXS0003V35A2H1 - NXS0310V35A2H0
NXS0003V35A5H1 - NXS0310V35A5H0
These variable frequency drives provide step-less speed
control for all open-loop (no speed feedback from motor)
applications in HVAC and industrial environments:
Most compact size in the market (especially IP54)
Integrated RFI-filters and AC-chokes
Application adapting Start Up Wizard
Application adapting Quick menu
Flexible "ALL-IN-ONE" multipurpose software with
predefined applications
Alphanumeric keypad with memory and backup
Easy "keypad – remote" change with 1 button
Trip free operation with safety switch
® U.S. Registered Trademark
Copyright © 2007 Honeywell Inc. • All rights reserved
Silent motor operation with 10 kHz switching
Overtemperature ride-through
Power ride-through
Integrated PID controller
Built-in PLC
Integrated PFC (Pump & Fan Cascade) Controller
The best available fully controlled pump cascade
system with special software - Multimaster PFC


Mains Connection
Input voltage U
380...500 Vac (-15 ...+10%) 3~
208...240 Vac (-15 ...+10%) 3~
525...690 Vac (-15 ...+10%) 3~
Input Frequency
45...66 Hz
Connection to mains
Once per minute or less

Motor Connection

Output voltage
Continuous output current:
Low overload
(for fan/pump)
(1 min / 10 min)
High overload
(for machines)
(1 min / 10 min)
Starting Torque:
Low overload
(for fan/pump)
High overload
(for machines)
Starting Current
Output Frequency
0...320 Hz; up to 7200 Hz with
special software
Frequency resolution
0.01 Hz
: +40°C, overload 1.1 x I
: +50°C, overload 1.5 x I
for 2s/20s
EN0B-0620GE51 R1107



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell NXS0003V35A2H1

  • Page 1: Specifications

    • Alphanumeric keypad with memory and backup functions • Easy “keypad – remote” change with 1 button • Trip free operation with safety switch ® U.S. Registered Trademark EN0B-0620GE51 R1107 Copyright © 2007 Honeywell Inc. • All rights reserved...
  • Page 2: Control Characteristics

    NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Control Characteristics Enclosure class IP21 : NXS___ V35A2… IP54 : NXS___ V35A5… Control Method Frequency Control U/f, Open- Loop Sensorless Vector Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Control Immunity Complies with EN50082-1, -2, Switching Frequency: EN61800-3 FR4 – FR6 (1.1-30kW) 1...16 kHz;...
  • Page 3 NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Protection Unit overtemp. protection YES Overvoltage protection 911 Vdc Motor overload protection YES Motor stall protection (fan/pump blocked) Undervoltage protection 333 Vdc Earth-fault protection In case of earth fault in motor Motor underload prot. YES (pump dry / belt broken or motor cable, only the detection) frequency converter is...
  • Page 4 [kg] [mm] (for pump / machines) tinuous load tinuous load protection class fan) 40°C P 50°C P [kW] current current current current [kW] NXS0003V35A2H1 0.75 FR4/IP21 128x292x190 NXS0004V35A2H1 FR4/IP21 128x292x190 NXS0005V35A2H1 FR4/IP21 128x292x190 NXS0007V35A2H1 FR4/IP21 128x292x190 NXS0009V35A2H1 11.4 FR4/IP21 128x292x190 NXS0012V35A2H1 13.2...
  • Page 5: Honeywell Emc Classes And Market Requirements

    NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES HONEYWELL EMC CLASSES AND MARKET REQUIREMENTS Fig. 2. EMC classes in practice EMC levels Hospital Airport Residential Area Commercial Light Industry Area Heavy Industry R (IT Network) O = optional, R = required C = EN61800-3 [2004] Category C1 (integrated option up to 30 kW)
  • Page 6: Mechanical Dimensions And Mounting

    NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING The frequency converter can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal position on the wall or on the back plane of a cubicle. It shall be fixed with four screws (or bolts, depending on the unit size). Lift units bigger than FR7 out of the package using a jib crane.
  • Page 7 NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Ø Fig. 4. NXS FR9 (NXS0260… - NXS0310...) dimensions Dimensions [mm] Type ∅ NXS0260—NXS0310 1120 1150* Enough free space shall be left above and below the frequency converter to ensure sufficient air circulation and cooling. You will find the required dimensions for free space in the table below.
  • Page 8 NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES REQUIRED COOLING AIR Type Cooling air required [m3/h) FR4: NXS0003—NXS0012 FR5: NXS0016—NXS0031 FR6: NXS0038—NXS0061 FR7: NXS0072—NXS0105 FR8: NXS0140—NXS0205 FR9: NXS0260—NXS0310 1300 CABLING B- B+ R- U/T1 V/T2 W/T3 L1 L2 L3 nxlk58.fh8 Fig. 6. NXS power connections FR4-FR6 in FR7-FR9 connectors B-, B+ and R- do not exist as standard. Use cables with heat resistance of at least +70°C.
  • Page 9 NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Reference output (voltage for +10 V potentiometer etc.) AI1 + Analogue Input 1 (V signal) AI1 – I/O ground AI2 + Analogue Input 2 (mA signal) AI2 – Analogue Input 2 (mA signal) +24 V +24 V input/output (max. 0.1 A) I/O ground DIN1 Digital Input 1...
  • Page 10: Features & Functions

    Single button operation to change the control to manual (keypad) and back Useful function when commissioning and testing HVAC applications. Consistency: all Honeywell VFDs behave in similar way Press LEFT ARROW for 3 s to change control place • Compact and Robust design...
  • Page 11 NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Features Functions Benefits • NXS available with both IP21 and IP54 • Consumes less space Enclosure Class • Smallest and lightest inverter available in • Easy to install the market (especially IP54) • Separated cooling channel (no electronics •...
  • Page 12 Performs measurements to find out motor • Increases reliability Motor auto identification internal variables such as stator resistance. Honeywell NXS has higher switching • Less audible noise from the High Switching frequency than the most of the competition as Frequency...
  • Page 13: Basic Application

    “ALL-IN-ONE” MULTIPURPOSE software Flexible “ALL-IN-ONE” multipurpose software offers predefined applications as described below for different kind of needs. This flexible package really makes it possible to answer any needs from the application with Honeywell NXS. Basic application The most typical choice for HVAC - covers most of the applications...
  • Page 14: Local/Remote Application

    NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES Local/Remote application The Local/Remote Control Application can be used in applications where the drive must be controlled from two different locations. Control logic as the Basic application - i.e. no rewiring needed. The control locations (A&B) are programmable and can be selected via digital inputs. There can be separate references for operation and Start/Stop-inputs All inputs and all outputs are freely configurable Multi-Step Speed Application...
  • Page 15: Multi-Purpose Control Application

    Multi-step speeds or jogging speed can also be programmed. More programmable digital inputs Best option with difficult applications – all Honeywell NXS capabilities accessible through this application PFC (Pump and Fan Cascade) Control Application Used for controlling a group of pumps or fans.
  • Page 16 • Optional application software Several special application software are available for download form Honeywell support web site free of charge. And also special features can be created with the built in PLC if required. In below there is presented one of the most commonly used special applications Multimaster PFC.
  • Page 17: Optional Accessories

    NXS VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Field bus option boards Order type Fieldbus code RS485 (Modbus RTU, N2) NXOPTC2 Profibus DP NXOPTC3 LonWorks NXOPTC4 Profibus DP (D9 type connector) NXOPTC5 CANopen (slave) NXOPTC6 Devicenet NXOPTC7 RS485 ( Modbus and N2; with D9 connector) NXOPTC8 Modbus/TCP (Ethernet) NXOPTCI...
  • Page 18: Spare Parts

    FR6 (NXS0038-0061) main cooling fan assembly NX-FAN-7 FR7 (NXS0072-0105) main cooling fan assembly Manufactured for and on behalf of the Environmental and Combustion Controls Division of Honeywell Technologies Sàrl, Ecublens, Route du Bois 37, Switzerland by its Authorized Representative: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell GmbH Böblinger Straße 17...