Canon iP4700 Simplified Service Manual
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iP4700 / iP4760
July 22, 2009
Canon Inc.


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  • Page 1 / iP4760 SIMPLIFIED SERVICE MANUAL 1. LIST OF ERROR DISPLAY 2. ADJUSTMENT / SETTINGS QY8-13CM-000 Rev.00 July 22, 2009 Canon Inc. (1/24)
  • Page 2 1. LIST OF ERROR DISPLAY 1-1. Operator Call Errors (Alarm LED Lit In Orange) Errors and warnings are displayed by the following ways: - Operator call errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange, and messages are displayed on the printer driver Status Monitor.
  • Page 3 Error (Blinking in Error Solution Remarks code orange) 5 times [1401] Install the print head properly. Print head not installed, or not properly installed. Faulty print head ID. Re-set the print head. If the error is not cleared, the print head may Print head temperature [1403] be defective.
  • Page 4 Failed in automatic print [2500] Press the Resume/Cancel button head alignment. to clear the error, then perform the automatic print head again. (In the iP4700 / iP4760, use Matte Photo Paper MP-101.) 13 times The remaining ink [1683] Replace the applicable ink tank The ink tank installed amount unknown.
  • Page 5 Error (Blinking in Error Solution Remarks code orange) 16 times No ink (no raw ink). [1688] Replace the empty ink tank(s), and close the scanning unit (cover). Printing with an empty ink tank can damage the printer. To continue printing without replacing the ink tank(s), press the Resume/Cancel button for 5 sec.
  • Page 6 1-2. Service Call Errors (by Cyclic Blinking of Alarm and Power LEDs) Cycles of blinking of Error Solution Error Conditions Alarm and code (Check points and replacement items) Power LEDs 2 times Carriage error [5100] An error occurred in the 1) Smearing or scratches on the carriage carriage encoder signal.
  • Page 7 Cycles of blinking of Error Solution Error Conditions Alarm and code (Check points and replacement items) Power LEDs 7 times Ink absorber full [5B00, The ink absorber is 1) Ink absorber condition 5B01] supposed to be full. 2) Part replacement: - Ink absorber kit Error codes: 3) Ink absorber counter value in the...
  • Page 8 Cycles of blinking of Error Solution Error Conditions Alarm and code (Check points and replacement items) Power LEDs Paper feed cam [6B10] An error occurred in the 1) Jammed paper in the PF rear guide sensor error paper feed cam sensor (when a large amount of ink was during paper feeding from absorbed in the paper);...
  • Page 9 Cycles of blinking of Error Solution Error Conditions Alarm and code (Check points and replacement items) Power LEDs 23 times Valve cam [6C10] The valve cam sensor was 1) Foreign material or paper debris sensor error faulty at power-on or when around the purge drive system unit;...
  • Page 10 2. ADJUSTMENT / SETTINGS 2-1. Service Mode < Service mode operation procedures > Use the Service Tool on the connected computer. Start the printer in the service mode. With the printer power turned off, while pressing the Resume/Cancel button, press and hold the Power button.
  • Page 11 Name Function Remarks (1) Test Print Service test print Paper (2 sheets) will feed from the rear tray. Service test print items: - Model name - ROM version - USB serial number - EEPROM information - Process inspection information - Barcode (model name + destination + printer serial number) - Ink system function check result - CD / DVD sensor check result (printed on the...
  • Page 12 5 sheets of paper will be used for the pattern printing. - Paper source: Select either Rear tray or Cassette. - Media type: Select one from HR-101, GF-500/Office Planner, HP Bright White, and Canon Extra/STEINBEIS. (12/24)
  • Page 13 2) When printing is finished, the printer returns to be ready for selection of another function. 3) In the printout, determine the Pattern No. in which streaks or lines are the least noticeable for the LF check pattern and the Eject check pattern respectively. (LF Pattern No. 0 to 4, Eject Pattern No.
  • Page 14 1) Before replacement of the logic board, check the CD / DVD print position value in EEPROM information print. 2) After replacement of the logic board, set the print position value in CD-R Correction of the Service Tool. 3) If EEPROM information is not available before replacement of the logic board due to logic board failure, etc., click CD-R in the Service Tool to print the CD-R check pattern, and confirm that the intersection of the axes Y and X is at the center of the CD / DVD.
  • Page 15 2-2. User Mode Function Procedures Remarks Nozzle check pattern Perform from the printer driver Set a sheet of plain paper (A4 or Letter) in printing Maintenance tab, or see the cassette, or the rear tray if selected. "Standalone printer operation" below.
  • Page 16 Power Operation Remarks (blinking in green) 5 times Bottom plate cleaning 2-3. Special Notes on Assembling (1) External housing removal Remove the cassette. Remove the paper support unit and the access cover. < While pushing the both sides of the paper support so that the center will warp slightly, release the left and right bosses.
  • Page 17 Remove the side cover L. Remove the side cover R. (17/24)
  • Page 18 Remove the front door unit. < While slightly warping the center of the paper output tray downward, release the left and right bosses. > Remove the panel cover unit (1 screw). (18/24)
  • Page 19 Remove the main case unit. (19/24)
  • Page 20 (2) Notes on Service Part Replacement (and Disassembling / Reassembling) Service part Notes on replacement Adjustment / settings Operation check Logic board ass'y - Before removal of the After replacement: - EEPROM information print logic board ass'y, 1) Initialize the EEPROM. - Service test print remove the power cord, 2) Set the ink absorber counter...
  • Page 21 - Protect the units from soiled with ink. - Protect the housing from scratches. - For the the iP4700 / iP4760 automatic print head alignment, use Matte Photo Paper (MP-101) to ensure alignment accuracy. - Exercise caution with the screws, as follows: i.
  • Page 22 (3) Paper feed motor adjustment When attaching the motor, fasten the screws so that the belt is properly stretched (in the direction indicated by the blue arrow in the photo below). After replacement, be sure to perform the service test print, and confirm that no strange noise or faulty print operation (due to dislocation of the belt or gear, or out-of-phase motor, etc.) occurs.
  • Page 23 2-4. Grease application Number of Where to apply grease / Drawing Grease Part name Grease drops x amount (mg) locations The surface where the Carriage rail Floil KG107A 270 to 330 carriage unit slides The surface where the Carriage rail Floil KG107A 18 to 36 1 x 2...
  • Page 24 2-5. Notes on Transportation This section describes the procedures for transporting the printer for returning after repair, etc. In the service mode, press the Power button to finish the mode, and confirm that the paper lifting plate of the rear tray is raised. Keep the print head and ink tanks installed in the carriage.

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