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Charging The Batteries; Operation - RCA 900 MHz Owner's Manual

Rca owner's manual system wireless headphone 900 mhz
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WHP150 MANUAL(1J1500 )


1) Switch the ON/OFF switch on the headphone receiver to OFF.
2) Plug the charge output plug, located on the back of the
transmitter, into the charge input jack of the headphone
receiver to charge the batteries.
3) The charging process starts automatically and the RED LED
lights up indicating the unit is charging.
4) After the quick charge is completed, the quick charge indicator
will be OFF; however, the trickle charge will continue.
Caution: Do not use other kinds of batteries to replace the Ni-Cd quick
charge (AA) battery. When you are not using the head-
phone, please switch it off as the batteries can be damaged.
The Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) batteries must be fully charged prior
to operation. An initial charge of 24 hours is required to ensure
the extended life of the Ni-Cd batteries. Be sure the headset is in
the OFF position during charging status.
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1) Turn on the audio source (TV or audio component) to which
the transmitter is connected.
2) Switch the ON/OFF switch on the headphone to ON.
3) Place the headphones on your head and adjust the volume
control to the desired listening level. The adjustable head-
band lets you adjust the length of the headphones for a
comfortable fit.
4) Tune the frequency adjustment control, located on the back of
the transmitter, to a mid-level setting. Just rotate the thumb-
wheel knob up or down and leave it set approximately in the
middle of the range.
5) Adjust the tuning dial of the headphone to the frequency of
the transmitter for best reception.
You should now be able to walk freely from room to room without disruption. If
disruption should occur (signal breaks up), adjust the headphones tuning control
to maximize stereo reception.
If you hear interference from other components, re-adjust the tuning control.
Move the control on the transmitter to a different setting, then adjust the control
on the headphones to match the new setting. You may have to try a few loca-
tions to find one with no interference.
When transmitting/receiving over long distances, the signal from the system will
become weaker and the stereo indicator light will go dim.
For protection of the transmitter and to save power, the transmitter will cut off
automatically in about one minute when the input signal from the audio source
is too weak for operation. If the signal is restored, the transmitter will work
again automatically.



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