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Display Items And Basic Operations; Display Items; Basic Operations - Yamaha PSR-E363 Owner's Manual

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Display Items and Basic Operations

Display Items

These indicate the operating condition
of the instrument.
Normally this indicates the notes you
play. When the Song Lesson function
is used, this indicates the current
notes and chord of playback. When
the Dictionary function (page 26) is
used, this indicates the notes of the
chord you specify.
• Any notes occurring below or above
the staff are indicated by "8va. "
• For a few specific chords, not all
notes may be shown, due to space
limitations in the display.
Indicates the chord which is played on the Auto
Accompaniment range (page 22) of the keyboard, or
specified via Song playback.
Measure or Function
Normally indicates the current measure num-
ber of current Style or Song. When the
[FUNCTION] button (page 45) is in use, this
indicates the Function number.
Keyboard Display
Indicates notes currently being played. Indicates the melody and
chord notes of a Song when the Song lesson function is in use.
Also indicates the notes of a chord—either when playing a chord
or when using the Dictionary function.

Basic Operations

Before operating the instrument, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the basic controls below that are
used to select items and change values.
 Number buttons
Use the Number buttons to directly enter an item or
value. For numbers that start with one or two zeroes,
the first zeroes can be omitted.
Example: Selecting Voice 003,
Press number but-
tons [0], [0], [3], or
simply press [3].
Lesson Indication
This area indicates the Lesson
related status is on.
Keys To Success
(page 33)
Phrase Repeat (page
Chord Progression
(page 40)
Indicates the Passing
Status (page 34) of the
Keys To Success les-
Indicates the on/off status of Song playback or
target Track of Song recording (page 29, 42).
Lit: Track contains data
Unlit: Track is muted or contains no data
Flashing: Track is selected as recording track
003 027
Indicates the current beat of playback.
 [-] and [+] buttons
Press the [+] button briefly to increase the value by 1, or
press the [-] button briefly to decrease the value by 1.
Press and hold either button to continuously increase
or decrease the value in the corresponding direction.
PSR-E363, PSR-EW300, YPT-360 Owner's Manual
On/Off status
Each indication is shown when the
corresponding function is turned on.
... Auto Accompani-
ment (page 22)
... Touch Response
(page 18)
... Arpeggio (page 19)
... Duo (page 21)
... Split (page 17)
... Dual (page 17)
... Harmony (page 19)
The illustration is of the PSR-E363.
Song Track status
Press briefly to
Press briefly to

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Table of Contents

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