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Maintenance - Haier MVAL009MV2AA Operation & Installation Manual

Indoor unit
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• Repair can only be performed by licensed service technicians.
• Before touching the electrical connections, all power supplies should be turned off. Only after switching off the power
supply can the operator clean the air conditioner otherwise there is a risk of electric shock or injury.
• When cleaning the air cleaner, make sure to use a stable platform; don't flush the air conditioner with water, or
electric shock might occur.
Filter Maintenance:
Clean the air filter & air inlet grid.
• Don't remove the air filter except for cleaning, or faults may occur.
• When the air conditioner operates in the environment with too much dust, clean the air conditioner more times (generally
once every two weeks).
1. Remove the air inlet grid as shown below: press on the two locks on the grid (as shown in Fig. 1), gently
lift it at a 45 degree angle (as shown in Fig. 2), and then remove the air inlet grid.
2. Dismantle the filter: press the outer frame of the air inlet grid, and draw the base angle of the filter pull it out as to
disengage the locks, and remove the filter (as shown in Fig. 3).
press down the locks
Fig. 1
Cleaning Air Cleaner
Clean the air filter with a vacuum or water to remove dust.
For heavy dust, use the vacuum or directly spray mild soap on the air inlet grid, and then clean it with water after
soaking for ~10 minutes.
(A) remove dust with dust collector.
(B) for heavy dust, use a soft brush and mild detergent to clean.
(C) rinse off water/soap and dry in a cool place.
• Do not clean it with hot water 122°F(50°C) to avoid fading or distortion.
remove air inlet grid
Fig. 2
bottom of gauze
lock port
frame of air inlet grid
Fig. 3



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