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Indoor Unit Operation & Installation Manual
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   Summary of Contents for Haier MVAH012MV2AA

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    Indoor Unit Operation & Installation Manual MVAH009MV2AA MVAH012MV2AA MVAH018MV2AA MVAH024MV2AA MVAH030MV2AA MVAH036MV2AA MVAH042MV2AA MVAH048MV2AA Please read this manual carefully before using Keep this operation manual for future reference Original instructions...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Test Run & Fault Code Your air conditioner may be subject to any change owing to the improvement of Haier products. MRV series multi zone air conditioning systems can operate multiple indoor units in heating or cooling. When in cooling, only units set to cool will run.

  • Page 3: Parts And Functions

    Parts and Functions indoor unit air duct soft connection air outlet port air inlet port...

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  • Page 7: Fault Checkup

    Fault Checkup...

  • Page 8: Installation Procedures

    Installation Procedures This manual cannot completely illustrate all the properties of the products you bought. Please contact the local Haier distribution center if you have any question or request. 1. Before installation [Don’t throw away the attached parts required for the installation] Determine the route to move the unit to the installation site;...

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    Installation Procedures 3. Preparation before Installation (1) Unit height is 11 inches Size (in) (in) (in) (in) Model MVAH009- 18 5/8 29 1/2 27 3/8 018MV2AA MVAH024- 38 7/8 18 5/8 29 1/2 27 3/8 030MV2AA MVAH036- 55 1/4 20 7/8 53 7/8 31 3/8 048MV2AA...

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    Installation Procedures unit: in 4. Drainpipes MVAH009-030MV2AA 20 1/8 18 5/8 drain pipe 16 1/4 gas pipe liquid pipe 18 3/8 MVAH036-048MV2AA 1 1/8 1 1/8 18 3/8 18 3/8 (a) To prevent water flowing back into air conditioner when the unit stops running, drain hose should decline to the drainage side with an inclination of above 1/100.

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    For the choice and installation of air return port, air return pipe, air exhaust port and exhaust pipe, please consult service personnel of Haier company. Calculate the design chart and exterior static pressure, and select the exhaust pipe with appropriate length and shapes.

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    Installation Procedures 7.Connection of return air duct (setting back air return opening when leaving factory) Remarks: This series of air conditioners can be arranged in two air return modes: 1. Air return from the back (Factory default); 2. Air return from the bottom (can be adjusted on site. See the following figures.) Note: The downward air return mode will increase noise 3-5dB(A).

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    Installation Procedures 9.Install outlet flange Install outlet flange basising the needs, the outlet flange is standard component, bolts are laied in accessories box. ceiling Note: You can select not to connect with the flange. Instead of it, you can use the round plastic air outlet (purchased by user) 10.

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    Installation Procedures 12. Refrigerant Tube Pipe Length & Height Difference Please refer to the attached manual of outdoor units. Piping Materials & Heat Insulating Materials Piping Material Hard PVC tube VP 1in (inner bore) As to prevent condensation, heat insulating treatment should be performed.

  • Page 15: Electrical Wiring

    Electrical Wiring...

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    Electrical Wiring...

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    Electrical Wiring...

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    Electrical Wiring...

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    Electrical Wiring...

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    Electrical Wiring Code setting of wired controller Function switches Switch Code Function description Default setting Remarks status Auxiliary wired controller Master wired controller Common wired controller New fan-only has refrigerating, heating, and air supplying modes Display ambient temperature Do not display ambient temperature lock disabled lock enabled Collect ambient temperature of wired...

  • Page 21: Test Run & Fault Code

    Test Run & Fault Code...

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    Qingdao Haier Air Conditioner Electric Co.,Ltd. Haier Industrial Park,Qianwangang Road,Eco-Tech Development Zone, Qingdao 266555,Shandong,P.R.C.

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