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Philips 43PFT4012/05 User Manual

4000 series.
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4000 Series


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Philips 43PFT4012/05

  • Page 1 4000 Series...
  • Page 2 Environmental Protection Use Period This logo labelled on the product itself indicates that the Environmental Protection Use Period thereof is 10 years. The Environmental Protection Use Period of electrical information products refers to the time period during which the toxic and hazardous substances or elements contained within the product will not leak or suddenly spoil, and users of such products will not cause any serious environmental pollution or serious damage to human and proper ty.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Caution 14 Picture Picture Settings 2 Important 15 Sound Sound Settings 3 Connecting Your Devices About connection 16 Multimedia Common interface-CAM From a USB Connection Home Theatre System Blue-ray Disc player DVD player 17 Product Information Game console Display resolutions USB flash drive Multimedia...
  • Page 4: Caution

    Dolby Audio, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of risk of electric shock. Never remove the TV cover. Always Dolby Laboratories. contact Philips Customer Suppor t for ser vice or repairs. Any operation expressly prohibited in this manual, or any adjustments and assembly procedures not recommended or authorised in this manual shall void the warranty.
  • Page 5: Important

    • Educate children about the dangers of climbing on or into the TV, disconnect the TV from the power outlet furniture to reach the TV. immediately. Contact Philips Consumer Care to have the TV checked before use. • Never place the TV, remote control or batteries near a Risk of Swallowing Batteries! •...
  • Page 6 Recycling Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means that the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC . Please inform yourself about the Local separate collection system for electrical and electronic products.
  • Page 7: Connecting Your Devices

    If you need help to connect several devices to the TV, you can visit the Philips TV connectivity guide. The guide offers information on how to connect and which cables to use. Go to
  • Page 8: Common Interface-cam

    Connect with HDMI STB(Set-Top Box) Use an HDMI cable to connect a Home Theatre System (HTS) to the TV. You can connect a Philips Soundbar or an Digital Receiver STB HTS with a built-in disc player. If the Home Theatre System has no HDMI ARC connection, add an optical audio cable (Toslink) to send the sound of the TV to the Home Theatre System.
  • Page 9: Game Console

    Game Console HDMI: For best quality, connect the game console with a High speed HDMI cable to the TV. COMPONENT-AUDIO L/R IN: Connect the game console with a component cable (mini-YPbPr cable) and an audio L/R cable(mini-AV cable) to the TV. CVBS-AUDIO L/R IN: Connect the game console with a mini-AV cable to the TV.
  • Page 10: Remote Control

    To record now. FORMAT To display the image aspect ratio. EXIT To press this button to exit menu. Colour key 43PFT4012/05 Special function selection keys. OPTIONS To open or close the Options menu. Navigation keys To navigate up, down, left or right.
  • Page 11: Panel Control Keys

    43PFT4012/05 5 Panel Control Keys Control Panel 32PHT4012/05 1. Indicator / Remote Control Sensor 2. SOURCE: Display the list of signal sources. Right Left 3. -CH+: Switch to the previous/next channel. 4. VOL-/+: Increase/reduce the volume. Joystick 5. MENU: Turn on/off the main menu.
  • Page 12: Switch On

    6 Switch On Turn on/off the TV, or switch to Standby 43PFT4012/05 Switch On or Standby 32PHT4012/05 Make sure the TV is connected to the mains AC power. Connect the supplied power cord to the AC in connector. The indicator light at the bottom of the TV lights up.
  • Page 13: Tv Channel

    7 TV Channel Channel Update Channels Programme Scanning Before you watching the programmes of the TV, you need to scan for the programmes. (Note: Make sure that the antenna is connected properly before scanning). Auto Tuning Press MENU key to enter the main menu and select Channel, press OK key to enter channel menu, select Auto Tuning, press ▶...
  • Page 14: Tv Program Guide

    8 TV Program Guide What you need With the TV guide you can view a list of the current and scheduled TV programmes of your channels. Depending on where the TV guide information (data) is coming from, analogue and digital channels or only digital channels are shown.
  • Page 15: Recording Programme

    1. Press MENU key and select Channel. 9 Recording 2. Press OK key to select Recorded List. Programme Pause TV What You Need You can pause a digital TV broadcast and resume watching Recording it a bit later. To pause a TV programme you need. To record a TV programme you need…...
  • Page 16: Sources

    10 Sources Switch Sources Source List - To open the Sources menu, press SOURCES. - To switch to a connected device, select the device with the ▲ / ▼ key and press OK. - To close the Sources menu without switching to a device, press SOURCES again.
  • Page 17: Time And Clock

    11 Time and Clock Time Time Settings Auto Sync Press ◀ / ▶ key to select on, Time Zone option will be activited. The time information comes from the broadcasted UTC - Coordinated Universal Time information. Press ◀ / ▶ key to select off, Time Zone option will be off. You can set time manually now.
  • Page 18: Lock

    12 Lock System Lock Switch system lock on or off. Channel lock, parental guidance, key lock will be activated when you Switch system lock on (The default password: 0000). Set Password Set password for channel lock, parental guidance, key lock. Channel Lock To prevent children from watching a channel, you can press key lock a channel in channel lock.
  • Page 19: Setting

    HDMI CEC 13 Setting Connect HDMI CEC-compatible devices to your TV, you can operate them with the TV remote control. EasyLink HDMI CEC must be switched on on the TV and the connected device. General Settings Note: EasyLink might not work with devices from other Language brands.
  • Page 20: Picture

    14 Picture Picture Settings Press MENU key to show main menu, select Picture icon and press OK key to enter. Picture Style: Select one of preset picture styles for ideal picture viewing. For example, Personal, Standard, Dynamic, Soft. Contrast: Press ◀ / ▶ to adjust the contrast value of the picture.
  • Page 21: Sound

    15 Sound Sound Settings Press MENU key to show main menu, select Sound icon and press OK key to enter. ◀ / ▶ Sound Mode: Press key to set the sound display mode such as Personal, Standard, Spor ts, Music, Movie. Treble: Press ◀...
  • Page 22: Multimedia

    16 Multimedia From a USB Connection Suppor ted USB file systems - USB (FAT / FAT 32): only connect USB devices that consume 500 mA of power or less. Image Codec: JPEG, PNG, BMP Audio Codec: MP3, AC3, AAC Video Codec: AVI, MKV, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, HEVC, FLV Subtitle: SRT, SMI, SSA, SUB, ASS, TXT...
  • Page 23: Product Information

    • 720×400-70Hz Supported TV Mounts • 640×480-60Hz • 640×480-60Hz • 800×600-60Hz • 800×600-60Hz To mount the TV, please purchase a Philips TV mount or • 1024×768-60Hz • 1024×768-60Hz any TV mount compliant with the VESA standard. To • 1360×768-60Hz • 1360×768-60Hz prevent damage to cables and connectors, be sure to leave •...
  • Page 24: Open Source License

    Philips TV. This is a document describing the distribution of the source code used on the Philips TV, which falls either under the GNU General Public License (the GPL), or the GNU Lesser General Public License (the LGPL), or any other open source license.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    If the User manual doen't answer your question, you can go mode and point the remote control to the camera lens. If to the suppor t website of Philips. To solve any Philips TV you press any key on the remote control and you notice related problem, you can consult our online suppor t.
  • Page 26: Sound

    Poor picture from a device EasyLink does not work Make sure that the device is connected properly. Make sure that your HDMI devices are HDMI-CEC - Make sure that the picture settings are set correctly. compatible. EasyLink features only work with devices that are HDMI-CEC compatible.
  • Page 27: Terms Of Use

    Errors repor ted to Philips will be adapted and published on the Philips suppor t website as soon as possible.

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