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Philips 43PFT5853S/98 User Manual

Ultra slim full hd led smart tv
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Philips 43PFT5853S/98

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Change picture settings Picture issues Change sound settings Sound issues EPG Usage HDMI connection issues Recording Menu Computer connection issues Use Philips EasyLink Network Connection Issues Use EDID Contact us Use Timer Change the preferred TV settings 11 Open Source Quick Boot...
  • Page 3: Caution

    Errors 1. Remove fuse cover and fuse. reported to Philips will be adapted and 2. The replacement fuse must comply with published on the Philips support website as BS 1363 and have the ASTA approval mark.
  • Page 4: Important

    If you need to store the TV, disassemble the disconnect the TV from the power outlet stand from the TV. Never lay the TV on its immediately. Contact Philips Consumer back with the stand installed. Care to have the TV checked before use.
  • Page 5 curtains or other objects never cover the Recycling ventilation slots on the TV. Risk of injury, fire or power cord damage!  Never place the TV or any objects on the Your product is designed and manufactured with power cord. ...
  • Page 6: Tv Overview

    Congratulations on your purchase and use of During the Environmental Protection Use Philips product! In order to fully enjoy the Period, please use this product according to the support provided by Philips, please register your instructions given in this user manual.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Middle Remote Control AUDIO Adjust audio option function. REC LIST Standby-Power on Show the record list..  Switch the TV to standby if it is on. INFO  Power on the TV if it is in standby View current program information. state.
  • Page 8: Remote Control Usage

    4 Use Your TV Bottom Switch on/off the TV or switch it to standby Volume +/- Increase or decrease volume. Mute or unmute the sound. 22. 0~9 numeric keys Select a channel or input channel number. 23. SUBTITLE Display subtitle message when the current channel has subtitle option.
  • Page 9: Watch Content On Connected Devices

    on the remote control or key on the TV. Switch channels Switch the TV to standby if it is on.  Press on the remote control.The “Standby” indicator is turned on. Switch off the TV.  Press the on-off key of the TV to the OFF state shown in the figure.The “standby”...
  • Page 10: Adjust Tv Volume

    5 Use More Functions Adjust TV volume Access to the TV menu The function list helps to set channels, change pictures, and set audio and other functions. 1. Press key. Open the Setting menu. 2. Press ▲/▼ key to select one of the following options;...
  • Page 11: Change Picture Settings

    Change picture format Change picture settings Press key to select Picture>Picture format; You can change picture settings to your then press  key. preferred settings by applying predefined settings or manually modifying settings. Picture format Quick picture setting You can choose from the following picture You can set up picture quickly using this formats.
  • Page 12: Change Sound Settings

    Change sound settings EPG Usage You can change sound settings to your preferred EPG is the electronic program guide provided settings by applying predefined settings or on digital channels.With EPG, you can  manually modifying settings. View the list of the currently broadcast digital programs.
  • Page 13: Use Philips Easylink

    Use Philips EasyLink Use EDID With Philips EasyLink you can operate a Press key. Select TV Settings > EDID Version and connected device with the TV remote control. then press OK key to enter. EasyLink uses HDMI CEC (Consumer Select your needed version and then press Electronics Control) to communicate with the OK key to confirm.
  • Page 14: Change The Preferred Tv Settings

    Change the preferred TV Software Update settings Philips keeps improving our products.We suggest that you update TV software when a 1. Press key to select TV Settings. new version is launched. 2. Select one of the following and then press OK key.
  • Page 15: Media Center

    6 Media Center Change slide play settings Please press key when playing slides. Display the list of slide play options and browse pictures according to the instructions on the screen. You can play pictures, videos, music and other multimedia files in USB devices. Listen to music Select a folder or music in the browser page and Play media files from USB device...
  • Page 16: Remove Usb Storage Device

    7 Set Channels Watch Videos 1. Select a folder or a video in the browser page. 2. Press OK key to play a video. Change the For the initial setup, the system will remind you video play settings according to the to select network connection or TV channel instructions on the screen.
  • Page 17: Search Digital Channels

     8 Network Setup Save the searched channels. Step 3 ATV Fine Tuning 1. Press key. Switch on/off Smart TV 2. Select Channels > Analog Channel Manual Installation > Fine-tuning. You can set the network so as to access to 3.
  • Page 18: Network Type

    Wired Network. available space. 2. Select static IP, press  key, and place the  Philips reserves the right to add or delete cursor in the input box. some apps. 3. Use the remote control to input IP address, ...
  • Page 19: Product Information

    1. You can disconnect the mobile device Product information is subject to change during transmission. without notice. For detailed product information, 2. Press button on the remote control to please visit disconnect during transmission. Display resolutions Note  The multi-screen interaction function can...
  • Page 20: Tuner / Reception / Transmission

    Change the TV menu to your preferred Supported TV mounts language. When turning the TV On/Off or to Standby, To mount the TV, please purchase a Philips TV you hear a creaking sound from the TV chassis: mount or any TV mount compliant with the ...
  • Page 21: Picture Issues

    Picture issues Sound issues The TV is on, but there is no picture: The pictures are showing but sound quality is poor:  Check that the antenna is properly  connected to the TV. Check that all cables are properly ...
  • Page 22: Network Connection Issues

    This is a document describing the distribution of damage to your TV or void your warranty. the source code used on the Philips TV, which fall either under the GNU General Public License (the GPL), or the GNU Lesser General...
  • Page 23 boot ROM and used to initialize and test the you catch bugs in the act: hardware or to download and run application * Start your program, specifying anything that code. might affect its behavior. Make your program stop on specified conditions. * Examine what Source: has happened, when your program has stopped.
  • Page 24 a driver for new hardware, by providing a Source: generic interface between the hardware drivers Ffmpeg (0.1) and the upper layers of the system. Development of media properties , the player Source: must assembly squashfs - a compressed fs for Linux Source: (squashfs4.2) Squashfs is a highly compressed...

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