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Step 2: Mount The Cameras - RCA HSKIT482 Quick Start Manual

Hd home security and dvr system
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Step 2: Mount the cameras

Note: These security cameras can be both wall- and ceiling-mounted. The installation
instructions that follow are for ceiling mounting, but they can be adapted for wall mounting as
1. Apply the mounting template sticker to
the ceiling where you want to mount the
3. Drill screw holes (labeled 1 on the
template) and the cable hole (if desired,
labeled A) where marked.
Use the following drill bit sizes:
brick or stucco = 7/32"
wood surface = 1/16"
5. Secure the camera to the ceiling or wall
with the supplied screws (and anchors,
for brick or stucco).
2. Mark the location for the mounting
4. Route the cables from the camera
through the cable hole or through the
side outlet on the camera base.
7. Adjust the camera's position to get the
angle you want.
Camera screw
For pan adjustment: Loosen the base ring and pan up to
360º. Tighten the base ring when you have the camera
panned the way you want.
For arm tilt adjustment: Loosen the arm screw and tilt the
arm up to 180º. Tighten the screw when you have the arm
in the position you want.
For camera rotation adjustment: Loosen the camera screw
and rotate the camera up to 360º. Tighten the screw when
you have the camera in the position you want.
Make sure the base ring and adjustment screws
are tightened all the way for each camera before
Side outlet
Base ring (pan)
Arm screw (tilt)



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