Emergency Eject; Driver Installation - NEC ND-4551 Operating Instructions Manual

Slimline / hh dvd plus minus writer
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8. Replace the mounting clips,
keeper bracket, and computer
cover. Refer to the Guide to
Operations that came with the
computer for help with this step.
Vertical use
The DVD Writer can be used in
the vertical position. When using
the DVD Writer, in the vertical
position, load and unload discs as
shown on the diagram below.
Only 12 cm discs can be used
when the DVD Writer is installed
vertically. Do not place 8cm discs
in the tray when using the DVD
Writer installed in this way.
65 mm
(min. 45 mm)

Emergency Eject

The procedure described below
can be used to open the tray of
the DVD Writer if the EJECT button
is disabled by software or a power
failure occurs.
1. Turn off the power to the
DVD Writer.
2. If a disc inside still spinning
wait until spin stoped certainly.
3. Insert a steel rod (about 1.3 mm
in diameter) into the emergency
eject hole and push firmly until
the cartridge is ejected. A stiff
paper clip may be used as steel

Driver Installation

For Windows 3.xx don't use the
The software installation starts
with activating the reading func-
32 bit hard disk access, because
tion of the drive (CD-ROM).
this mode is not supported for
If you are using the DVD Writer
DVD drives.
with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/
If the reading function is availa-
2000/XP or IBM OS/2 Warp, all
ble the next is to achieve the
necessary drivers will be loaded
writing function provided by the
automatically by the operating
writing software. Please insert
Your writing software CD-ROM
Drivers mentioned above are part
into the DVD Writer and use the
of the Operating Systems and not
information provided with the
available from NEC.
software (if the installation does
not starting automatically you
To use the IDE/ATAPI DVD Writer
have to activate the installation
with MS-DOS and MS-Windows
software manually).
3.xx, you have to install the at-
tached driver software before you
To disable or enable drive's buffer
can use the DVD Writer for the
under run prevention technology
first time.
you need a writer S/W supporting
this function.
Refer to the README.TXT file on
the driver disk for information
about installing this driver.
This drive supports RPC according
to SFF8090v4 (RPC-2). The final
For local support like hotline,
setting/definition of the video
service or drivers see the file
region code is determined by the
„README.TXT" on the software
fifth DVD video region code change.
CD-ROM or NEC´s Internet site

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