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Technical Data - NEC ND-4551 Operating Instructions Manual

Slimline / hh dvd plus minus writer
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How to create a Label with Nero
To create a LabelFlash™ inscription
you have to first start NeroExpress.
Then please click the button
To start the LabelFlash™ design
and burn application you have to
continue by clicking the button
The usage of this application is
the same as the „Nero CoverDesigner"
– please study its instructions if
you need more details.
Once the LabelFlash™ media
(„PRINTING SIDE" down), or a
data side of a DVD +/-R (data
side down), has been placed in
the drive the application will
show the corresponding disc type
– after which the „burn" button
can be selected.
Please consider when you
Please keep in mind that the min.
inscribe the data side:
width for an inscription is 5mm!
As data burning starts at the
After the labelling is completed
innermost area of the disc it is
the tray of the drive opens
recommended that you finish
automatically and the inscribed
data burning prior to inscription.
media can be removed.
If there is then sufficient space
By selecting „Cancel" you will
available for an inscription (outer
go back to the NeroExpress start
area) you can perform the marking.
Please find below a diagram
showing the relation on burned

Technical Data

data and outer radius of the data
area (single session):
Inner radius:
min. 25mm - max. 53mm
Outer radius:
min. 28mm - max. 58mm
Width of the label area:
min. 5mm - max. 33mm
Disc rotation speed:
7875rpm, 4500rpm, 2250rpm
(depends on the selected media)
Above specifications
are subject to change.
LabelFlash™ is a trademark of
Yamaha used under license.

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