Installation - NEC ND-4551 Operating Instructions Manual

Slimline / hh dvd plus minus writer
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Rear View
5 DIGITAL OUT Connector
This connector is used to con-
nect Digital Audio to an audio
6 LINE OUT Connector
This connector is used to con-
nect CD-Audio to an audio board.
These blocks of jumper set the
configuration for the DVD
Writer (ref. chapter
‘Installation’-’Jumper Setting’
for details).
8 Power Connector
Use this to provide operating
power from the host computer.
9 I/O BUS Connector
This BUS connector is used to
control the DVD Writer and
data transmission. Use a flat
ribbon cable to connect your
computer to the DVD Writer.
Connect the coloured side of
the ribbon cable to the side
marked with the arrow.


Jumper Setting
A jumper consists out of a pair of
pins and a connector, which fits
over the pins. When the connector
is in place it establishes an elec-
tronic link between the pins, which
enables the function being con-
trolled by the jumper. If the con-
nector is removed, the electronic
link is disconnected and the
function is disabled. Jumpers are
used to set the DVD Writer mode
on the IDE interface. The factory
default setting is MASTER for
fitting to enhanced IDE con-
trollers supporting two ports,
Jumper Block
1 = CSEL
one for the hard disk and one for
a DVD Writer. If you prefer to
connect the DVD Writer to the
same port as your hard disc, (as
a secondary device) you have to
change jumper setting to SLAVE
Installing the DVD Writer
in a host PC
1. Turn off the computer, other
peripherals and unplug all the
cords and cables. Then remove
the computer cover, face plate,
mounting clips, and keeper
bracket. Refer to the Guide to
operations that came with your
computer for help with this step.
2. If necessary, slide other devices
above the installation outappro-
ximately 50 ~70 mm (2 ~ 3 in.),
but do not disconnect the cables.
3. Slide the DVD Writer into the
computer until it is out appro-
ximately 50 ~ 70 mm (2 ~ 3 in.).
4. Locate a spare power cable in
your computer.
5. Connect that power cable to
the power connector on the
back of the DVD Writer.
6. Connect the I/O BUS connector
on the DVD Writer and the IDE
controller. Connect the coloured
stripe side of the cable on the
side marked with the arrow (∇).
7. Slide the DVD Writer into the
computer and fix it in the
computer cabinet with 4
To avoid damage to the DVD
Writer take care, that the screws
do not reach more than 5 mm
into the DVD Writers cabinet.

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