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Mitsubishi Electric M4 Social User's Operation Manual

Pcs 1900 mobile station handheld portable telephone.
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M4 Social
User Operations Manual
Part 1
Version 1.0
14 July, 1999


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PCS 1900 MOBILE STATION HANDHELD PORTABLE TELEPHONE M4 Social (MT-239) User Operations Manual Part 1 Version 1.0 14 July, 1999...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ............................5 & FEATURES......................... 5 ERVICES 1.1.1 Services............................5 1.1.2 Services: SMS and broadcast ......................6 1.1.3 Services: supplementary services ....................7 1.1.4 Services: Memory related functions ....................8 1.1.5 Advanced features..........................9 1.1.6...
  • Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.9.1 Display............................34 4.9.2 Function keys usage........................34 4.9.3 Use of End key ..........................34 4.10 ......................34 UMERIC AND FLOAT EDITOR 4.10.1 Screen examples ........................34 4.10.2 Key usage........................... 34 4.10.3 Description ..........................34 4.11 ........................36...
  • Page 4 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.2.1 Last numbers dialled list (lnd) ....................... 71 6.2.2 Unanswered calls list (ucl) ......................76 6.2.3 Received calls list (rcl) ........................77 ........................78 ALL TIMERS MANAGEMENT 6.3.2 Using the balance information service ..................82 6.3.3 Resetting the call timers......................... 84 ........................
  • Page 5: Introduction

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric INTRODUCTION SERVICES & FEATURES 1.1.1 SERVICES M4 Social Tri-codec (FR+HR+EFR) Emergency Call and ECC management SDN names presentation line by line Service Operator Direct access Voice Mail indication Icon/Alert Voice Mail indication with line/Nb msg One(Dedicated) Key for Voice Mail Listening...
  • Page 6: Services: Sms And Broadcast

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.1.2 SERVICES: SMS AND BROADCAST M4 Social Support of concatenated SMS MT Writing of concatenated SMS on Contact Compression of User Data 03.42 New SMS indication Icon/Alert Specific SMS Alert One (Dedicated) Key SMS Reading Storage of SMS in EEPROM...
  • Page 7: Services: Supplementary Services

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.1.3 SERVICES: SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES M4 Social Call Forwarding CFU Icon management Forwarded -To- Number storage Voice Mail choice for FTN Time entry when CFNRy (5s-30s) CF adaptive menu in function of CSP All CF options for all basic services...
  • Page 8: Services: Memory Related Functions

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.1.4 SERVICES: MEMORY RELATED FUNCTIONS M4 Social Management of SIM Memories Management of Phone Memories Yes (1*200) Speed Dialling Numeric Recall SIM/EEPROM Last Dialled Number EEPROM Deletion of LND one by one SS per call basis in LND...
  • Page 9: Advanced Features

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.1.5 ADVANCED FEATURES M4 Social Scratchpad in EEPROM 20 entries Agenda with call-back Yes (20 entries) Currency Converter Talk Time Management Talk Time for outgoing/incoming calls "InfoConso" feature Call timer reminder Language Selection(Manual) Language Selection, Automatic by SIM...
  • Page 10: Other Features

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.1.6 OTHER FEATURES M4 Social Ciphering Indicator Keypad lock Keypad lock dedicated key Keypad lock restored after a call Volume Control Master Volume Control Ring Tones (r ) and melody (m) Selection Yes(4r + 16m) Ramping Ring Tone...
  • Page 11: Product Keypad

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric PRODUCT KEYPAD The product has a keypad composed of the following keys: The semantics are as follows: Left softkey Right softkey Send Down Power Action Hotkey Volume m m m m Page 11/102...
  • Page 12: Keypad Usage

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric KEYPAD USAGE 1.3.1 IDLE STATES State Left softkey Right softkey Send [0..9] Names Menu Last dial Digits Idle no com Volumes // Speed dial no icon Keylock Shortcut AlertMode Read Menu Last dial Change left Digits Idle no com...
  • Page 13: Menus, Lists And Editors

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 1.3.2 MENUS, LISTS AND EDITORS State Left softkey Right softkey Send [0..9] Select Exit 1) end the Next / Prev Menu / Setting // Back Idle established calls item list / Question 2) Back idle Next Item...
  • Page 14: Actions Menus Contents

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric ACTIONS MENUS CONTENTS Corresponding to each state above, when relevant, an actions menu is defined with the following items. In each actions menu, the first items are those that have no direct access. Action menus Idle 1 com No digits...
  • Page 15: Backlight Management

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric BACKLIGHT MANAGEMENT The management of the backlight includes the LCD and the KEYBOARD. If the mobile is charging, the backlight is Off, except during connection and disconnection phases where a 10- second backlight switch on is made. This applies for all power sources except Full H/F.
  • Page 16: Battery Charging And Display

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric BATTERY CHARGING AND DISPLAY If the mobile is being charged: • If the mobile is On, the battery charge process is confirmed by a round robin display in the battery icon of the Idle screen. The LED is not affected by the charging process.
  • Page 17: Led Behaviour And Connections

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric LED BEHAVIOUR AND CONNECTIONS A bicolour LED is present on the mobile front. In a hardware point of view, it can be viewed as two red and green LED’s that are never switched "ON" at the same time. The LED appearance gives information about the mobile status and events, as indicated below.
  • Page 18: Mobile Switching On And Off

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric MOBILE SWITCHING ON AND OFF MOBILE SWITCH-ON BY THE USER AUDIO_POWER_ON_TONE To switch the phone on, press and hold the Power key. The " " tone is played if the alert mode is not "Vibrate only", otherwise a short vibrator activation is performed.. Before the mobile becomes ready for use, the following operations sequence takes place.
  • Page 19 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric PIN entry screen: Enter PIN: Press softkey to validate the PIN. Press softkey to erase the last character. Long Press softkey to erase whole Clear Clear ****| entry Clear PIN validation Welcome animation screen: During the display, the mobile determines the language to be used. A network search is also "Welcome animation"...
  • Page 20: Mobile Switching Off By The User

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric MOBILE SWITCHING OFF BY THE USER To switch the phone Off, press and hold the Power key, at any moment, except when the keypad is locked and when a call is engaged. Idle screen: "Idle screen" Names...
  • Page 21: Stand-by State Description

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric STAND-BY STATE DESCRIPTION PRESENTATION The idle state with no established call is the Stand-by State. This state allows reaching the main menu, the quick ADN list consultation for calling, the direct number dialling, and the last numbers dialled list direct access.
  • Page 22: Information Management In Idle Screen

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric M OBILE SETTINGS INFORMATION Ring off icon Line 2 in use (for DCS only). When using line 1, no indication is displayed, Keypad is locked, SMS full icon (same icon as new SMS, but blinking), The clock alarm icon, when a clock alarm is set,...
  • Page 23 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric SMS ICON This icon ( ) is switched on in the following conditions: • No SMS icon and The left softkey is labelled Names : no new SMS received and SMS storage is Ok, • SMS icon blinks and the left softkey is labelled...
  • Page 24 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric CB I DLE MESSAGES DISPLAY CB messages are directly displayed on the Idle screen. The display principles make use of the largest possible area, but the Network operator name is preserved in any case. So, these messages are displayed on the bottom part of the screen.
  • Page 25 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Example: Idle screen: 2 network events icons are displayed in the status bar. Itineris 3 Voice Mail The left softkey label is changed to Read . 3 messages The display indicates the pending events: Voice mail, SMS...
  • Page 26: Short-cuts From Idle Window

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric SHORT-CUTS FROM IDLE WINDOW 3.3.1 QUICK ADN DIRECT ACCESS A press on the softkey gives access to the quick ADN, allowing a quick way for dialling. See memory Names section for details. When the left softkey is reserved to access the pending network events menu and is labelled...
  • Page 27: Programming The Hotkey

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Idle screen: "Idle screen" Names Menu Access to volumes control Master volume control menu Volumes Control: Ring Press key to choose the volume to tune, in a circular way. Ramping The * ( ) and # (é) keys allow also a menu navigation.
  • Page 28: Mmi Policy

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric MMI POLICY This section presents the different principles used in MMI policy. DIRECTION ARROWS MANAGEMENT In order to indicate that several screens are available for the current display, two arrows are displayed between the softkeys. The two arrows have the following meaning:...
  • Page 29: Use Of Function Keys In Menus

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric USE OF FUNCTION KEYS IN MENUS Press key to navigate in the menu. Continuous presses allow fast navigation. The navigation is done in a circular way. After the end of the menu, an automatic return to the beginning is performed. Another way to...
  • Page 30: Page Mode Menus

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.2.2 PAGE MODE MENUS Same navigation principles as for line mode menus. Page Menu screen: "Menu page 1 Item 1" Select Exit Page Menu screen: "Menu page 2 When on the last page, Press to go to the first page Item 2"...
  • Page 31: Information Message Display Procedure

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric INFORMATION MESSAGE DISPLAY PROCEDURE This window is composed of a text area and an icon area. An example is shown below. Information display: The way to exit is to press the softkeys only. Call is on hold keys have a function related to the current call situation.
  • Page 32: Transition Display Procedure

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric TRANSITION DISPLAY PROCEDURE The transition procedure is used when a requested user action cannot be performed immediately (for instance, setting a network service, which calls the network to realise the action). The behaviour is as follows: • If the action cannot be realised within a one-second delay, a waiting screen is displayed during the action.
  • Page 33: Binary Choice Procedure

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric BINARY CHOICE PROCEDURE This procedure is used to select a value between two ones: Yes or No, On or Off or any other labels, but with only 2 possible and exclusives options. A question procedure is a particular case of a binary choice procedure.
  • Page 34: General User Entry Policy

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric GENERAL USER ENTRY POLICY 4.9.1 DISPLAY The display contains: • An optional header, • An entry. The punctuation symbol at the end of the text header is part of the header. It can be ":" or "?" or even left away if required to solve a translation problem.
  • Page 35 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric When entering digits, the right softkey is changed to , the left softkey appears if the minimum entry size is Clear reached and is labelled in this case. The entry mode is only replace (the entered digit replaces the digit before cursor position, if any).The number is displayed left justified.
  • Page 36: Alphanumeric Editor

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.11 ALPHANUMERIC EDITOR 4.11.1 SCREENS EXAMPLES Name: Alphanumeric entry without initial entry: Exit Name: Alphanumeric entry with initial entry: Albert | Clear For SMS and scratchpad editors, the default letter case is lower case. For other editors, the default letter case is uppercase.
  • Page 37: Characters Sets

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.11.4 CHARACTERS SETS A set of characters is associated to each numeric key except 0. These characters are accessed by successive short presses on the key, in a round robin manner. The associated set of characters is language dependent. For instance, here are the lists for English and French.
  • Page 38 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Chicken stock has been Alphanumeric entry screen: unblocked. Note that if A the = symbol has been added to the text at cursor position :¥| Clear F F F F Note: The order of characters displayed here in the special characters pages is only an example and may be different in the final product.
  • Page 39: Dialling Entry

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.12 DIALLING ENTRY This entry mode is entered when dialling a phone number from the Idle screen. The number is displayed right- justified. The number is displayed in double-height digits if it can fit on one LCD line, otherwise normal height characters are used.
  • Page 40: Number Correction Before Dialling" Entry

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.13 "NUMBER CORRECTION BEFORE DIALLING" ENTRY This kind of editor is entered when a number containing wild characters is called from the memories. Before calling, the number has to be completed by the user at calling time.
  • Page 41: Password Entry

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 4.15 PASSWORD ENTRY 4.15.1 SCREEN EXAMPLE Enter PIN: Password entry screen: ****| Clear 4.15.2 KEY USAGE Normal press Long press 2..9 2..9 2..9 Entry 2..9 Entry validation validation Exit Clear Exit Clear SEND key softkey softkey softkey...
  • Page 42: Making And Receiving Calls

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric MAKING AND RECEIVING CALLS MAKING A SINGLE CALL Sending a call is one of the most important functions of a phone. Sending a call can be realised using the following ways: • Once in Idle display, enter a phone number followed by a press on the...
  • Page 43: Making A Call From The Idle Screen

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.1.1 MAKING A CALL FROM THE IDLE SCREEN D IALLING A NUMBER Idle screen: Use the numeric keys to enter the desired telephone number. "Idle screen" International calls can be made using the local international access code or by using the key.
  • Page 44 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric "Idle screen" Names Menu Starting composing a new phone number with a "+" as first digit "*"long press Dialling screen: allows to erase the last character Clear allows to consult a list of international country codes Codes The entry is displayed in double height characters if the number can hold on a line.
  • Page 45: Sending Dtmf Tones During Outgoing Call

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.2 SENDING DTMF TONES DURING OUTGOING CALL Sending DTMF tones is possible during the outgoing call state. In this case, presses on keys results in sending DTMF tones to the remote user. No display is done for such entries. The DTMF tone corresponding to the key pressed is played in the ear-piece as feedback.
  • Page 46: The Autoretry Feature

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric E RRORS DUE TO REMOTE PARTY PROBLEMS ♦ User busy (Error message "User busy"), ♦ No response ("No response"), ♦ Incoming calls barred (Error message "Call barred"), ♦ User unreachable (Error message "Call failed"), ♦ The remote party has changed of number (Error message " Number changed "), ♦...
  • Page 47: Receiving A Call

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric RECEIVING A CALL This paragraph relates the display and actions when receiving a call in Idle state only. 5.2.1 RECEIVING A CALL: DISPLAY Incoming call screen: -A phone ringing animation is displayed John -The ringing tone is played according to the phone Setting (ring tone or Names, ring volume,...
  • Page 48: Receiving A Call: Reject (busy)

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.2.3 RECEIVING A CALL: REJECT (BUSY) Incoming call screen: John No Ring Rejects the call The call is then rejected with a busy cause, sent to the calling user. The call identification information are added to the " Received calls list "...
  • Page 49: Additional Messages Received During Incoming Call State

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.2.5 ADDITIONAL MESSAGES RECEIVED DURING INCOMING CALL STATE During these states, additional messages can be received, depending on network capacities and depending on network services activation. Such messages include: • Call is a diverted one (the call was for another user and is diverted to you), •...
  • Page 50: During The Single Call

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric DURING THE SINGLE CALL 5.3.1 ONE CALL: DISPLAY Connected call screen: The call duration indicates the hours, minutes and seconds and is updated in real time. If the John costs are computed and the Credit limit value is not 0 on the SIM card, the remaining cost is 00:00:10 displayed instead of the call duration.
  • Page 51: One Call: Direct Actions

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.3.2 ONE CALL: DIRECT ACTIONS S PEECH VOLUME ADJUSTMENT Connected call screen: Press adjust the audio volume. John A bar graph is displayed during tuning and the audio level is modified accordingly. 00:00:10 Special tones indicate that the minimum or maximum level has been reached.
  • Page 52 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric H OLD AND ETRIEVE OPERATIONS Connected call screen: The micro is muted. John Press to hold the active call. SEND 00:00:10 Names Menu Holds the call SEND Transition screen: the screen is displayed only if the operation duration exceeds 1 second.
  • Page 53 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric M UTING AND NMUTING THE MICROPHONE Connected call screen: Long Press key to directly unmute the microphone. John 00:00:10 Names Menu Mute the micro Mute Connected call screen: The micro is muted. John Long Press key to directly unmute the microphone.
  • Page 54: One Call: "options" Menu

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.3.3 ONE CALL: "OPTIONS" MENU Press key to access to call related operations menu: Actions Item Function AutoDTMF To enter a DTMF string and send it, available only if the call is active: - This item allows you to enter a DTMF string and send it to the remote party, - The string can be entered directly or can be selected from the memories, - A waiting screen is displayed during the DTMF transmission.
  • Page 55 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 2345678901234456*56# | Store Clear Sends the DTMF string Send Page 55/102...
  • Page 56: One Call: Receiving Notifications Messages

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Transition screen: The string is being transmitted Sending DTMF... Connected call screen: John 00:00:34 Names Menu 5.3.5 ONE CALL: RECEIVING NOTIFICATIONS MESSAGES Notification messages can be received while connected. For example: • You are joined to a conference call, •...
  • Page 57: One Call: Cost Control Operations

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.3.6 ONE CALL: COST CONTROL OPERATIONS During the call, and if the network provides the service, the call cost is calculated in real time, based on network information. Files on the SIM stores also values related to the cost management (ACMMax file, ACM file). If the ACMMax value is set to a non-zero value, the call is terminated when the ACM reaches the ACMMax value.
  • Page 58 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric O AITING ND THE CONNECTED CALL Waiting call screen: John Repl. Rej. Ends the connected call Call Ended screen:  ⁄⁄ 3 seconds display Albert Press any softkey to clear the screen 00:03:12 Exit The clear the screen "Right softkey"...
  • Page 59: One Call: Making A Transfer When Making A New Call

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric O AITING EJECT THE WAITING CALL Waiting call screen: John Repl. Rej. To reject the call The call identification information is added to the "Received calls" list. The calling party will receive a "busy" cause to his call and may make new call attempts.
  • Page 60: Call Termination

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Transition screen The transfer is being completed between René and John. Please wait… Cancel "Transfer completed" Information screen The transfer is complete between René and John. Transfer complete Exit Exit Call Ended screen: // Call with René is ended René...
  • Page 61: End Of The Call By The Remote Party

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Idle screen or other state: "Idle screen" or See paragraph on context management for precise behaviour. "Mobile state before call" 5.4.2 END OF THE CALL BY THE REMOTE PARTY The same behaviour as above applies. Page 61/102...
  • Page 62: Two Calls Management

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric TWO CALLS MANAGEMENT This situation occurs when : • You make a new call while already engaged in a conversation, • You answer to a waiting call. 5.5.1 TWO CALLS: DISPLAY Two calls screen: On top, A status bar indicates the RSSI and battery level, the use of line 2, EFR, etc.
  • Page 63 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric S WAP OPERATIONS Two calls screen: The call with Albert is connected, the call with John is on hold Albert Press to swap the two calls. SEND John Names Menu SEND Transition screen: Displayed only if the operation duration exceeds 1 second.
  • Page 64 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric M AKING A CONFERENCE CALL Press SEND to make a conference call. The two remote parties and you can hear each other. The conference call is active automatically and the microphone automatically unmuted. A conference call can also be realised by the options menu Join item.
  • Page 65: Two Calls: "options" Menu

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.5.3 TWO CALLS: "OPTIONS" MENU Press to access to call related operations menu: Actions Item Function AutoDtmf To enter a DTMF string and send it, available only if the call is active: - This item allows you to enter a DTMF string and send it to the remote party,...
  • Page 66: Two Calls: Receiving A New Call

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 5.5.4 TWO CALLS: RECEIVING A NEW CALL This situation is submitted to network capacities and subscription options. Two Calls + Waiting: display The display is the same as for a waiting call described above. T WO CALLS...
  • Page 67 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Call Ended screen: // Call with René is ended René 12:30:33 Exit To exit the display "Right softkey" Call Ended screen: // Call with John is ended John 05:45:10 Exit To exit the display "Right softkey" Idle screen: "Idle screen"...
  • Page 68: Conference Calls Management

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric CONFERENCE CALLS MANAGEMENT A conference call is initiated by a first Join operation between an active and a held call. The result is a conference call with two remote participants. F F F F Note: the number of remote parties in a conference is limited to 5. Making a conference call is submitted to your subscription options and depends on network services capabilities.
  • Page 69 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric M AKE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION To make a private conversation with one of the participants, when the conference call is active, press to put all calls on hold except the call "x" which remains active. (x is in...
  • Page 70 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric E ND A PARTICULAR CALL OF THE CONFERENCE To end a particular conversation with one of the participants, when the conference call is active, press (x is in is the rank of the call to be ended).
  • Page 71: Managing Calls And Costs

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric MANAGING CALLS AND COSTS PRESENTATION This section describes all call-related facilities allowing a better control of the phone regarding calls: • The Call Register allows to manage lists of numbers saved by the phone on particular events: Last numbers dialled, Received calls and Unanswered calls lists, •...
  • Page 72 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric LND DISPLAY The list is displayed in a line mode list, the most recent card being displayed first. While in the list: • Press key to scroll down in the list (circular navigation), • Press key to scroll up in the list, •...
  • Page 73: Calling An Entry

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric LND E XAMPLES Calling an entry Calls log Call supervision menu: Call timers Call costs Line Select Exit Validates the Calls log entry Select Last Dial Call Regsiters menu: Unanswered Received Select Exit Validates the Last Dial entry...
  • Page 74: Deleting An Entry From The List

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Deleting an entry from the list Last Dial Call Registers menu: Unanswered Received Select Exit Validates the Last Dial entry Select Alfred Last dial list: Thierry Alfred has been the last number dialled 0299831111 0299111111 Exit...
  • Page 75: Deleting All Entries

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Deleting all entries ♦ In this case, a binary choice procedure (Yes/No) is called before deleting all entries. A result screen all entries deleted is displayed when the operation is completed. Viewing entry details Alfred...
  • Page 76: Unanswered Calls List (ucl)

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.2.2 UNANSWERED CALLS LIST (UCL) L IST CONTENT This list contains the last 10 received, but unanswered, calls information. An incoming call is considered as Unanswered if no action has been made on call arrival and the call has been either terminated by the network or diverted to another number via the call diverting service.
  • Page 77: Received Calls List (rcl)

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.2.3 RECEIVED CALLS LIST (RCL) L IST CONTENT This list contains the last 10 received (answered or rejected), calls information. An incoming/waiting call is a received one if it has been answered to or if it has been rejected.
  • Page 78: Call Timers Management

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric CALL TIMERS MANAGEMENT Showing the call timers P RESENTATION Two views of presentation are provided: a global view and a detailed view. The global view is directly displayed when entering the folder. The detailed view is entered during global view display, via the softkey.
  • Page 79 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Global: Show Timers: All Calls allows to view all calls details Details ç 00:45:30 è 00:23:00 Details Exit Go to next screen Show Timers: Global: All Calls L1 allows to view all calls details Details ç 00:30:30 (This screen is displayed only if two lines are managed (ALS)) è...
  • Page 80 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric C ALL TIMERS ETAILED VIEW This view is accessed via the left softkey (labelled Details ) while in global view, when relevant. It gives access to a global table which details all call information by category: Voice calls (Home, national roaming, international roaming), If fax and/or data calls have been made, the same details are displayed).
  • Page 81 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Intl roam Show Timers details: ç 00:05:30 è 00:03:00 Exit View next screen Show Timers details: My network ç 00:30:00 è 00:10:00 Exit Exits to global view Exit All Calls Show Timers: 00:45:30 ç 00:23:00 è Details...
  • Page 82: Using The Balance Information Service

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.3.2 USING THE BALANCE INFORMATION SERVICE P RESENTATION The "InfoConso" allows setting and calling the number provided by the network operator (To consult information about charging). This information is saved in phone non-volatile memory. A CCESS The access is by the menu in the "Calls &...
  • Page 83 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Number entry: Number: 123456| Clear Entry validation Information screen: Stored Exit Go to next screen Right softkey Calling process: The calling process is started after storage because the menu option is entered to call the "Calling process"...
  • Page 84: Resetting The Call Timers

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.3.3 RESETTING THE CALL TIMERS P RESENTATION AND ACCESS This allows to set all call timers to 0. The phone lock code entry is requested for this operation. Access by the menu in the "Calls & Times/Timers/Reset" folder.
  • Page 85: Call Costs Management

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric CALL COSTS MANAGEMENT 6.4.1 SHOWING THE CALL COSTS P RESENTATION AND ACCESS This allows showing the call costs: last call cost, all call costs since last reset, remaining cost. The displayed values are those stored on the SIM (for all calls cost) or temporarily in the mobile (for the last call cost if the mobile has not been switched off since the last call).
  • Page 86 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Call costs sequence: All Calls costs since last reset 120,35 FFR Exit Go to next screen Call costs sequence: Remaining credit No limit Exit Go to next screen Call costs sequence: Last Call cost 12,00 FFR Exit...
  • Page 87: Managing The Credit Limit Value

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.4.2 MANAGING THE CREDIT LIMIT VALUE P RESENTATION AND ACCESS The user can set a cost limit value for his calls or set a no limit value. When the limit is reached, all connected calls are terminated automatically and you cannot make any more calls. The credit limit change operation needs to enter the PIN2 code.
  • Page 88 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric E XAMPLES Credit limit: no limit defined Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit Reset Display cost type Select Exit Validates the Credit Limit entry Select Credit Limit screen: Credit Limit No Limit Edit Exit Credit information modification...
  • Page 89 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Information screen: Credit Limit The value is rounded due to storage constraints 123.00 $ Exit after 3 seconds or by a press on Exit Exit Exits Exit Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit Reset Display cost type...
  • Page 90 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric PIN2 entry screen: Enter PIN2: ****| Clear PIN2 entry validation information screen: Credit Limit Exit after 3 seconds or by a press on Exit No Limit Exit Exits Exit Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit Reset Display cost type...
  • Page 91: Resetting All Call Costs

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.4.3 RESETTING ALL CALL COSTS P RESENTATION This item allows setting all call costs to 0. E XAMPLE Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit Reset Display cost type Select Exit Validates the Reset entry è...
  • Page 92: Choosing The Costs Display Mode

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 6.4.4 CHOOSING THE COSTS DISPLAY MODE P RESENTATION This item allows the user to choose the display mode of the costs: either in units or in currency. If currency is chosen, the user has to enter the currency name and the unit value in this currency.
  • Page 93 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric D ISPLAY MODE UNITS CHANGE TO CURRENCY Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit Reset Display cost type Select Exit Selects the Display cost type item Select Display cost type menu: Units Currency Select Exit Selects the Currency item...
  • Page 94 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Display mode screen: Display: FFR Unit = 0,70 FFR Edit Exit Edit the currency parameters Edit PIN2 entry screen: Enter PIN2: Exit PIN2 entry 1234 PIN2 entry screen: Enter PIN2: ****| Clear PIN2 entry validation Currency entry screen:...
  • Page 95 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Unit in currency entry screen: Unit in $: 0.0045| Clear Entry validation information screen: Display: $ Exit after 3 seconds or after a press on Exit Unit = 0,0045 $ Exit Exits Show Call costs menu: Credit Limit...
  • Page 96: Selecting A Line (dcs Feature)

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric SELECTING A LINE (DCS FEATURE) 6.5.1 PRESENTATION This menu allows to select a DCS line for outgoing calls and to lock or not on this line. The menu content is adaptive depending on the current Setting and on the current network (international roaming). The line names are those stored in the SIM EF file.
  • Page 97 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric C HANGING OF LINE Calls log Calls & Times Menu: Call timers Call costs Line selection Select Exit Selects Line entry Select Office Line status display Personal The current line is Office Select Exit Change of line...
  • Page 98 CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric Page 98/102...
  • Page 99: Using The Voice Mail

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric USING THE VOICE MAIL VOICE MAIL CONFIGURATION 7.1.1 PRESENTATION The Services/Voicemail/Number and Services/Voicemail/Alert menu items allow to configure the voice mail phone number and the voice mail alert mode. These settings relate to the current DCS line in use.
  • Page 100: Setting The Voice Mail Phone Number

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 7.1.3 SETTING THE VOICE MAIL PHONE NUMBER Voice Mail: Voice mail number entry: phone number editor If a number is already stored in the voice mail number storage, this number is displayed. If no number is stored, the display indicates no number 0299111111| In case of empty entry, an access to the memories is offered via a Names softkey.
  • Page 101: Calling The Voice Mail

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric CALLING THE VOICE MAIL 7.2.1 PRESENTATION Reading the voice mail can be realised via the following means: • Direct access via the idle menu, when voice mail messages are indicated in the voice mail, using the right softkey (A voice mail icon is displayed in the softkey in this case), •...
  • Page 102: No Number Is Defined

    CONFIDENTIAL Mitsubishi Electric 7.2.3 CALLING THE VOICE MAIL NO NUMBER IS DEFINED Call Voice mail menu: Number Press Select or SEND to call the voice mail Alert Select Exit Calls the voice mail Select Information screen: If no number is defined, an information screen is displayed and an error beep is played.

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