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Control Panel - Frico LAF 12 User Manual

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LAF 12

Control panel

-button: Press once to start or stop the appliance.
-button: Used to switch operating modes between dehumidifying, the drying of
laundry or as a fan for air purification only.
-buttons: Used to set the desired level of humidity. The value can be raised or
lowered by 5%, each time the button is pressed.
-button: Used to start or stop the automatic oscillation function of the vent flap.
-button: Used to activate or deactivate the timer.
Regardless of which operating mode is in use on the appliance before it is switched off, it
will start in the same operating mode the next time it is started.
The appliance has a button lock system. By holding the
for two seconds, all the buttons on the control panel are locked.
To unlock them, repeat the same procedure.
-indicator: Flashes when the power cable is connected and the appliance is in stand-
by mode. Will be lit continuously after starting. The appliance will return to standby
mode after being shut down, the indicator will flash after initiation.
-indicator: The appliance dehumidifies constantly and the hygrostat is set to CO
before it switches over to display the air humidity in its environment.
-indicator: Lit during defrosting. Switches off when defrosting ends.
-indicator: When the water tank is full, the unit automatically switches to standby
mode, the indicator will flash and a beeping alarm will sound five times. When the
beeping stops, the indicator will remain constantly lit.
-indicator: While dehumidifying, the appliance uses the set hygrostat value for start/stop.
-indicator: Drying of laundry. The appliance runs for 6 hours, or according to the set timer.
-indicator: Purifies the air without dehumidification.
-indicator: The oscillation function on the vent flap is activated.
-indicator: Lights when the timer function is activated.
The timer function flashes when the button has been pressed and is constantly lit once
the setting is ready.
buttons at the same time


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