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Troubleshooting - Frico LAF 12 User Manual

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LAF 12


Some problems can be corrected manually without having to have the appliance
repaired. See the table below.
Unit not working.
capacity low.
Relative humidity
setting not reached
after extended
running time.
Water on floor.
Discharge air
is hot.
Sound of
running water.
If the unit still fails to work normally after checking the above, please contact your
local distributor. Do not open or attempt to repair the appliance. If this is necessary,
it must be performed by a licensed professional.
Possible cause
Power cable disconnected.
Unit not switched on.
Full water tank indicator lit.
Running time too short.
Air filter dirty and/or blocked.
Ambient temperature or humidity too low.
Hose nipple blocked.
Doors, windows or air vents open.
Appliance has been moved without
emptying water tank.
Water tank removed before water from
evaporator has drained.
Heat exchange processes
Coolant flow in cooling circuit
Connect to earthed wall socket
Water tank full. Empty tank.
Check tank is properly installed.
The dehumidifying capacity is
normally decreased if the room
temperature is under 18°C.
Check and clean hose nipple.
Empty tank before moving.
Press the
Clean filter.
Try increasing the
room temperature.
Close doors, windows
and air vents.
Wait approx. 5 minutes
until the water has been
allowed to drain.
Normal phenomenon.
Normal phenomenon.


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