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Huawei TalkBand B1 Manual

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TalkBand B1 FAQs



Summary of Contents for Huawei TalkBand B1

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  • Page 2 2 How do I get my B1 started? Go to Google Play or App Store, search for Huawei TalkBand, and download it to your phone. Turn on your B1 and check that the Bluetooth icon is blinking and the time is 00:00. You can then pair up your B1 and your phone.
  • Page 3 Some phone operating systems will automatically turn off apps that are running in the background. For Huawei EMUI, to enable the Huawei TalkBand app to run in the background, you need to perform the following steps: choose Settings > Power saving > Protected apps, and then check the Huawei TalkBand.
  • Page 4 TalkBand B1 FAQs IN TERN AL For some Android systems, you need to enable the function of accessing contacts for the Huawei TalkBand app in the Permission manager. If you are using iPhone, your B1 cannot display your contacts due to the restrictions of the iOS system.
  • Page 5 11 When I listen to music over the Bluetooth headset of my B1, how is the music processed? Huawei TalkBand uses the innovative A2DP function that smartly allocates media audio. When your B1 is connected to your phone over Bluetooth and the Bluetooth headset is on your wrist, the music will come out from your phone instead of your B1's Bluetooth headset.
  • Page 6 16 How is my sleeping quality evaluated? Your sleeping quality is evaluated by your time of deep sleep, which is calculated by the Huawei TalkBand app: ...
  • Page 7 Bluetooth connection is terminated? Yes. All configuration information has been set in your B1 after you set the smart clock in the Huawei TalkBand app. 20 How is the waterproof and dustproof performance of my B1? Your B1 has an IP57 waterproof and dustproof level, preventing dusts from entering your B1 and allowing it to stay in water less than 1 m deep for half an hour.
  • Page 8 Ensure that your B1 is connected to your phone properly over Bluetooth. Run Huawei TalkBand on your phone and choose Settings>About. Touch Update TalkBand to update your B1's firmware. Touch Update TalkBand app to update your Huawei TalkBand app. HUAWEI Proprietary and Confidential 2014-08-19...
  • Page 9 TalkBand B1 FAQs IN TERN AL HUAWEI Proprietary and Confidential 2014-08-19 Copyright © HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd...