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Summary of Contents for Huawei Band 3e

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting started Icons Wearing your band Gestures Pairing the band with your phone Syncing the time Charging your band with a non-separated charging cradle and a USB port Powering on/off and restarting the band Restoring factory settings- Integrated Smart reminders Incoming calls Muting incoming calls Rejecting incoming calls...
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    Getting started Icons The icons may vary with the band version. The following information is for your reference only. Wrist Mode: Time Steps Distance Calories Sleep time Find phone Switch manually to Foot mode Incoming call notification Muting an incoming call Alarm Disable alarm Activity reminders...
  • Page 3 Getting started Restart Power off Device name You cannot view the "Find phone" icon when your band is not connected with your phone. Foot Mode: Single workout Switching to Wrist mode Single workout distance Single workout time Connection Waiting for a Bluetooth Bluetooth connection failed Bluetooth connected connection Bluetooth disconnected...
  • Page 4: Wearing Your Band

    Getting started Charging Low battery alert Others Low temperature System upgrade Wearing your band Attach and fix the body into the wrist strap as shown in the following figure. The band strap adopts a U-shaped buckle designs. To wear the band, insert one end of the strap through the U-shaped buckle and then fasten it.
  • Page 5: Pairing The Band With Your Phone

    To wake the screen, raise your wrist or rotate it in an inward direction, and the screen will stay on for 5 seconds. Open the Huawei Health app, then enable the Raise wrist to wake screen feature on • the device details screen.
  • Page 6: Syncing The Time

    Your band will vibrate when it receives a pairing request. Tap the touch key on your band to start pairing. For iOS users: • Download the latest version of the Huawei Health app. Open the Huawei Health app, go to Devices > > ADD > Smart bands, and select your band's name.
  • Page 7: Charging Your Band With A Non-Separated Charging Cradle And A Usb Port

    Before charging, make sure the charging port is dry. Wipe off any water or sweat stains to prevent any short-circuiting. Your band does not come with a charger. Use a Huawei charger with a rated output voltage of 5 V and a rated output current of 0.5 A or higher, a USB port on your computer, or a charger that complies with applicable national and regional laws and regulations as well as international and regional security standards to charge your band.
  • Page 8: Powering On/Off And Restarting The Band

    Getting started Powering on/off and restarting the band Powering on the band Your band will automatically power on if you charge it. Powering off the band Your band will automatically power off if the battery is empty. • In Wrist mode, tap the touch key below the screen until the screen is displayed, then •...
  • Page 9 Getting started Method 2: Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices and then touch your device name. On the device settings screen, touch Restore factory settings. Once you have restored your band to its factory settings, all its data will be cleared, so...
  • Page 10: Smart Reminders

    Ensure that the band is paired with your phone using the Huawei Health app. For Android users: Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices, and then touch your device. Touch Notifications and enable Notifications. Turn on the switch for apps for which you want to receive notifications.
  • Page 11: Integrated - Activity Reminder

    Goal completion alert You can go to Me > Settings > Goals in the Huawei Health app to set your daily step goal. If you complete the preset goals, your band will vibrate and turn on the screen to congratulate you.
  • Page 12 To enable the Find Phone feature, ensure that the band is connected to your phone • and that the Huawei Health app is running in the background or foreground. The Find Phone feature is automatically disabled when there is no response for more •...
  • Page 13: Fitness And Health

    ( ) is displayed. Also, you can switch your band to Foot mode manually. To do this, open the Huawei Health app, go to Wearing mode > Switch wearing mode under Devices, and touch Switch wearing mode to select Manual.
  • Page 14: Daily Activity Tracking

    The band can record your running data during the workout if you brought it without your phone. You can simply connect your band to the phone using the Huawei Health app after the run to sync data between both devices.
  • Page 15: Sleep Tracking-Integrated

    Fitness and health Method 2: Viewing data in the Huawei Health app Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices then your device name, then you can view the step count, calories burnt, and distance. To view your workout data in the Huawei Health app, ensure that the band is connected to your phone using the Huawei Health app.
  • Page 16: Syncing And Sharing Your Fitness And Health Data

    You can share your fitness data to third-party apps and compare with your friends. For Android users: To share your fitness data to a third-party app, open the Huawei Health app, go to Me > Settings > Data sharing and select the platform you want to share to. Follow the onscreen instructions specific to each platform.
  • Page 17 HUAWEI Band 4, HONOR Band 5i, HONOR Band 3, HONOR Band 4, HONOR Band 5, HUAWEI Band 5, HUAWEI Band B5, HUAWEI Band 3 Pro, HUAWEI Band 3, HUAWEI Band 4 Pro, HONOR Band 6, HUAWEI...
  • Page 18: Setting Alarms

    Setting a Smart alarm You can use the Huawei Health app to set a Smart alarm for the band to wake you up if it detects that you are in a light sleep during a preset period. This helps to gradually wake up your brain and make you feel more refreshed.
  • Page 19 Your alarm may not work as expected if you restart your band or pair it again with • your phone. You are advised to open the Huawei Health app and go to the Devices screen, touch Alarm to enter the Alarm screen, turn off the alarm, and then turn it on...
  • Page 20: Updating And Mac Address

    For Android users: Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices and your device name, then • select Firmware update. Touch in the upper right corner and enable Auto-update device over Wi-Fi. For iOS users: Open the Huawei Health app, go to Me > Settings, and enable Auto- • download update packages over Wi-Fi.
  • Page 21: Viewing The Bluetooth Name And Mac Address

    Then tap the touch key to switch to the screen, and after that tap and hold the touch key to restart the band. Method 2: Open the Huawei Health app, touch Devices and your device name. The name of the connected device is the Bluetooth name.
  • Page 22 Updating and MAC address Method 2: Viewing the Bluetooth name and MAC address on the back of your band. The MAC address is a 12-character string consisting of digits and letters displayed next to MAC: .
  • Page 23: Maintenance

    Maintenance Water resistance-Integrated The band has a water resistance rating of 5ATM, but this protection is not permanent and • may deteriorate over time. You can wear your band when you are washing your hands, in the rain, or swimming in •...

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