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Chapter 5 Contacts Management - Sanyo NVM-4030 User Instructions For Operating

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Chapter 5 Contacts Management

T his c h apter dis c usses t h e b a s i c f unctio ns o f C ont a c t s on the N V M - 4 0 3 0 P N D
de vi c e . D etails o n h o w t o p e r f o r m co ntacts m a n a g e m e n t t asks f r o m y ou r co m -
puter is also provided.
Contact files imported/exported to and from your device and computer are
saved in .fs format.
C o ntacts m aintai ns a list of yo ur frien ds ' a n d c olle agues' c o ntact i n f o r m at ion.
T h e s e in clu d e their E - m ail ad dress, str eet address, m ultiple p h on e n u m bers, a n d
other related information, such as birthdays or anniversary dates.
You c a n e n t e r m u l t i p l e a d d r ess entries for each contact. T h i s p r o g r a m is inte-
g r a t e d with G P S n a v i g a t i o n e n a b l i n g us e rs to treat all a d d r ess entries as p ossi-
ble destination points in navigation mode.
Using Contacts
To open Contacts:
The control pad displays the list of contacts and several command buttons for
performing various Contacts tasks.
NVM-4030 Portable Navigation Device
Tap on the Main Menu panel. The Contacts control pad displays.
Creating a new contact
Tap New.
Chapter 5 Contacts Management


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