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Chapter 4 Synchronization With A Pc - Sanyo NVM-4030 User Instructions For Operating

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Chapter 4 Synchronization with a PC

Exchanging data between the NVM-4030 and your PC
Using the SD/MMC slot
The NVM-4030 has an SD/MMC slot compatible with a range of SD and MMC
storage cards that you can use to back up or transfer files and data.
Al o n g with p hoto s, m usic a nd v i d e os, the G P S na vi g ati o n system pr og r a m is
also stored on t h e stora g e c a r d . To install a n d us e m a p s , t h e p r o g r a m requires
that users load t h e digital maps availa ble i n th e GPS N a vi gatio n S D card that
supports the device.
To insert a storage card:
H old t h e d e v i c e s e c urel y, t h e n push t h e card into th e slot until y o u h e a r a n a udi-
bl e syste m sou n d; this will sign al that th e card is already pro p erly s e a t e d within
the slot. The card is secure when it is not protruding from the slot.
NVM-4030 Portable Navigation Device
To remove a storage card:
Hold the device securely, then push against the top of the card, as if you
were pushing it further into the slot, letting the card spring out. An audible
system sound will signal that the card has been released.
Gently remove the card from the slot.
Establishing device-PC connection
The USB cable that comes with your device enables you to connect the device
to your computer. File Explorer displays the NVM-4030 as a USB mass storage
device, with the SD/MMC card shown as a sub-folder. Once connected, you
can use File Explorer to copy digital music and image files into your device' s
SD/MMC card and access them when in Multimedia mode.
It is advisable to organize files into subfolders. These subfolders will
become play lists and help you to manage and better access the files on
your device.
To enable access of multimedia files from your device, the files should
be located on the SD/MMC card, not on the device' s memory.
Chapter 4 Synchronizing with PC


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