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Prior To Using The Machine; Chapter-4: Preparing The Machine For Use The Importance Of Water Decalcification; Filling With Salt; Testing Strip - Sharp QW-C13F472W-DE User Manual

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Prior to using the machine for the first time
• Check whether the electricity and supply water specifications match the values indicated by the installation
instructions for the machine.
• Remove all packaging materials inside the machine.
• Set the water softener.
• Add 1 kg salt into the salt compartment and fill with water up to a level at which it will almost overflow.
• Fill the rinse aid compartment.
The importance of water decalcification
For a good washing function, the dishwasher needs soft, i.e. less calcareous water. Otherwise, white lime
residues will remain on the dishes and the interior. This will negatively affect your machines'
washing, drying and shining performance. For this reason, a softener system is used on dishwashers. The
softener system has to be refreshed so that it operates with the same performance also during the next wash.
For this purpose, dishwasher salt is used.

Filling with salt

softener salt in the machine is sufficient, check the transparent section on the salt compartment cap. There is
sufficient salt if the transparent section is green. Salt has to be added if it is not green.

Testing strip

The washing effectiveness of your machine depends on the softness of the tap water. For this reason,
your machine is equipped with a system that reduces the hardness in mains water supply. The
washing effectiveness will increase when the system is correctly set. To find out the water hardness
level of water in your area, contact your local water board or determine water hardness level by using
the test strip(if available).
Open the
Run water
Keep the
your tap
strip in
for 1 min.
water for
Use softener salt specifically produced for use in
dishwashers. To put softener salt, first remove the
lower basket and then open the salt compartment
cap by turning it counter clock wise. (1) (2) At first use
fill the compartment with 1 kg salt and water (3) at
overflowing level If available, using a funnel
(4) will make filling easier. Refit the cap and
close it. After every 20th-30th wash, add salt into
your machine until it fills up (approx. 1 kg). Fill
the salt compartment with water at first use only.
We recommend to use small grained or powder
softener salt. Do not put table salt into your
machine. Otherwise, the function of the softener the
compartment may decrease over time. When you
start the machine, the salt compartment gets filled
with water. There fore, add the softener salt in prior
to starting your machine. This way, overflowing
salt gets immediately cleaned up through the
wash operation. If you will not wash any dishes
immediately after adding salt, then run a short
washing program with an empty machine in order
to avoid corrosion on your machine due to the salt
overflow while filling the salt container. In order
to understand whether or not the amount of
Shake the
Water for
testing strip
1 min.
after taking it
out of water
Make your machine's water hardness setting according to the result
obtained through the testing strip.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
No Lime
Very low
lime content
lime content
lime content
Lime content
lime content

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