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Samsung 8340 User Manual

Hd terminal, hd pvr.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Set-Up ................................3 Activation ...............................4 Overview of Your Terminal ........................5 Connect Your Terminal .........................7 Your Remote Control ..........................12 Program Your Remote Control ......................13 Equipment Settings ..........................16 Help Portal ............................17 How to Use illico TV new generation ....................18 Main Menu and Menu Shortcuts .......................18 Interactive Program Guide .......................19 Modify and Customize Displayed Channels ..................20 How to Create and View Your List of Favourite Channels ............20...
  • Page 3: Set-up

    SET-UP CoNGRATULATIoNS oN yoUR pURCHASE of THIS HD TERMINAL oR HD pVR, yoUR GATEwAy To THE ILLICo TV NEw GENERATIoN ExpERIENCE. Now you can: • Enjoy a new, customized TV experience that’s faster, more powerful and easier to use • Easily manage your recordings with the HD PVR • Gain access to a personalized interactive 15-day Program Guide • Use handy apps like the Miniguide and a variety of widgets (i.e.
  • Page 4: Activation

    ACTiVATiON if you bought your HD terminal or HD PVR from one of our authorized dealers (rather than in a Videotron store), please follow these steps: 1. Connect your terminal by referring to the Connect Your Terminal section. 2. When your terminal is connected, call the following number to activate it: 1-877-226-6385 (toll-free) Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m.
  • Page 5: Overview Of Your Terminal

    OVERViEW OF YOUR TERmiNAL SAMSUNG 6340 HD TERMINAL SAMSUNG 8340 HD pVR bACk of THE TERMINAL 8 10 9 Coaxial audio/video input HDMI audio/video output Component video output USB port (currently unavailable) RCA audio/video output 10 eSATA port (only available on the HD PVR)
  • Page 6 CISCo 4642 HD TERMINAL CISCo 8642 HD pVR bACk of THE TERMINAL 11 12 13 Coaxial audio/video input Coaxial audio/video output Component video output HDMI audio/video output RCA audio/video output 10 USB port (currently unavailable) RCA audio output 11 eSATA port (only available on the HD PVR) Digital coaxial audio output 12 FireWire port...
  • Page 7: Connect Your Terminal

    CONNECT YOUR TERmiNAL The terminal can be connected in various ways. To get the most out of your terminal, please connect it in the way recommended for your system. To watch a demo of how to connect your terminal, visit MoST fREqUENTLy USED VIDEo AND AUDIo CAbLES HDmi cable –...
  • Page 8 CoNNECT yoUR HD TERMINAL oR HD pVR To AN HD TV If you would like to connect your terminal to an HD TV, you can choose between two types of video connection: HDMI or Component. • Component – The component cable (red, blue, green) transmits video in high definition to your TV, with a resolution of up to 1080i.
  • Page 9 oTHER CoNNECTIoN pRoCEDURE Use this configuration if you are connecting your terminal with an HDmi cable (HDmi cable not included). For optimal sound quality, this type of connection does not allow you to control the volume on your terminal. You must therefore program your remote to your TV by following the instructions on page 13.
  • Page 10 HD TERMINAL oR HD pVR wITH STANDARD TV Even though illico TV new generation was designed for an HD TV, it is still possible to connect the terminal to a standard TV by referring to one of the following diagrams. However, you will not benefit from the most optimal TV experience.
  • Page 11 HD TERMINAL AND HD pVR wITH HoME THEATRE SySTEM RECoMMENDED CoNNECTIoN pRoCEDURE Use this configuration if you are connecting your terminal to a 5.1 home theatre system. Cable Choose one or the other Digital Audio SPDF input HDmi 1. Refer to the diagram above and choose a connection type. i.
  • Page 12: Your Remote Control

    YOUR REmOTE CONTROL Turn on your TV Select your TV’s video input Turn on/turn off Display the Interactive your terminal Program Guide Get information on the Make a selection channel or IOD on-screen Browse menus Return to screen or on-screen to previous channel Close interactive screens Choice of on-screen options...
  • Page 13: Program Your Remote Control

    7. When your remote control has been programmed, we strongly recommend that you change the volume control on the TV via the Equipment Settings (see the Equipment Settings section on page 16). NUmBER HD TV BRANDS NUmBER HD TV BRANDS INSIGNIA SAMSUNG SHARP MITSUBISHI SONY PANASONIC TOSHIBA PHILIPS/MAGNAVOX VIZIO...
  • Page 14 pRoGRAMMING yoUR REMoTE CoNTRoL USING THE AUToMATIC SEARCH METHoD If the Quick Programming procedure did not work, follow the instructions below. This remote control programming method allows you to control your TV and your audio system. NOTE: When you have programmed the remote control to your audio system, you will no longer be able to adjust the volume on your TV, only on your audio system.
  • Page 15 pRoGRAMMING yoUR REMoTE CoNTRoL wITH A CoDE Follow the instructions below if you would like to program the remote control to your TV and audio system. NOTE: When you have programmed the remote control to your audio system, you will no longer be able to adjust the volume on your TV, only on your audio system.
  • Page 16: Equipment Settings

    CHANGE How yoUR REMoTE CoNTRoL IS pRoGRAMMED Changing the volume button: When you program your remote control to your TV and audio system, the volume button will work with the device that you programmed last. To control the volume via your TV or audio system, please refer to the following instructions.
  • Page 17: Help Portal

    You can change: • When you would like your terminal to switch to standby mode: Configure your terminal so that it turns off automatically when you want it to (date and time). • When you would like your terminal to turn on: Configure your terminal so that it turns on automatically when you want it to (date and time).
  • Page 18: How To Use Illico Tv New Generation

    HOW TO USE iLLiCO TV NEW gENERATiON MAIN MENU AND SHoRTCUT MENU The main menu gives you access to all available illico TV new generation features, like the Program Guide, illico On Demand, settings, the search function, widgets, and much more! main menu Shortcut menu ACCESS THE MENU...
  • Page 19: Interactive Program Guide

    INTERACTIVE pRoGRAM GUIDE The Interactive Program Guide lists the shows that are being broadcasted at that time and those to come over the next 15 days. Complete guide Full Screen mode miniguide How To USE THE pRoGRAM GUIDE 1. Press to display the complete Guide (press it again to see it in full-screen mode).
  • Page 20: Modify And Customize Displayed Channels

    MoDIfy AND CUSToMIZE DISpLAyED CHANNELS CHANNEL FiLTER You can filter the channels displayed in the Program Guide by using a wide range of criteria. You can display: • A ll channels or only the ones that you are subscribed to; • Y our favourite channels or those that broadcast content in the language of your choice (French, English, or other); • C hannels by genre (i.e. sports, news, movies, family shows, etc). 1. Press 2. Press , then select Filter.
  • Page 21: Search

    SEARCH illico TV new generation has an Advanced Search function that allows you to quickly find content in the Interactive Program Guide, illico On Demand, Pay-Per-View TV service, and content recorded on your HD PVR. How to use the Search function 1.
  • Page 22: Widgets

    wIDGETS Widgets are handy mini-applications that offer quick access to information. For example, in the main menu, you will see a weather tile. This tile (or widget) offers you quick access to weather forecasts for your region. How to access widgets : 1.
  • Page 23: Illico On Demand

    iLLiCO ON DEmAND iLLiCO HOmEPAgE Category Our picks Tools and options illico On Demand is where you can watch movies, shows, popular TV shows, comedy shows and much more, whenever you want, in the comfort of your home. This service gives you access to channel 900, and illico mobile at any time.
  • Page 24: Movie Or Tv Show Rental

    HOW TO RENT A mOViE OR A TV SHOW 1. Press to go to illico On Demand. 2. Browse through the menus using and choose the category or the content that you’d like to see. Press for each selection and press to return to the previous screen.
  • Page 25: Resume Viewing

    pARENTAL CoNTRoL Parental Control is a feature that should have been configured using the Quick-Start Wizard when you set-up your terminal. To configure the Parental Control settings, please refer to the Controls and Limits section on page 38. if the Parental Control are active 1.
  • Page 26 iLLiCO ON DEmAND PREFERENCES When you browse the illico On Demand menus, you can access your preferences by pressing or by selecting Preferences from the home screen. For further information, please refer to the Application Preferences section on page 40. From this menu, you can modify your preferences, like your language preference (FR/EN) or your viewing mode (HD or SD).
  • Page 27: Pay-per-view (ppv) Services

    PAY-PER-ViEW (PPV) SERViCES indigo and Viewers Choice air commercial-free movies and events, which you can order at any time via the Program Guide. Orders are billed to you the following month. To order a film or event 1. Press guide to view the Program Guide. 2.
  • Page 28 To cancel an order You can cancel a Pay-Per-View order free of charge up to 15 minutes after the event or movie has started playing. You can cancel your order from the my PPV Orders screen or by following the instructions below. 1.
  • Page 29: Hd Pvr

    HD PVR Take control of your TV experience with the HD PVR. Free yourself from TV schedules without ever missing your favourite TV shows. Record content with just a one click, and manage your recordings with ease. You can even control live TV, and record two programs at once while you watch a third previously recorded show.
  • Page 30 To access the HD PVR menu 1. Press to go to the main menu. 2. Use to select HD PVR and press 3. Next, select what you’d like to do. • List of recorded shows: Allows you to view your recordings, play a recording, stop a recording, modify a recording and block a recording that was not filtered by Parental Control.
  • Page 31: Control Live Tv

    LIVE TV CoNTRoL TIME SHIfTING ALLowS yoU To CoNTRoL THE SHow yoU ARE wATCHING AS IT AIRS. Thanks to its built-in hard drive, the HD PVR stores the images broadcasted on the channel you’re watching in a buffer memory. This allows you to pause, rewind or resume viewing a live show. Useful keys To pause a show for an hour maximum.
  • Page 32: Record A Program

    RECoRD A TV pRoGRAM Three ways to record a TV program: 1. Record the TV program you are watching. 2. Program the recording of a TV show via the Program Guide. 3. Manually record content within a specified time slot. Recording the TV program you are watching If you have been watching the TV program from the beginning, press at any time during its...
  • Page 33 Programming a recording via the Program guide To program the recording of shows you don’t want to miss before they air: 1. Press 2. Select a title that you would like to record and press . The HD PVR will display the options available to you.
  • Page 34: Manage Your Recordings

    mANAgiNg RECORDiNg CONFLiCTS The HD PVR allows you to record two TV shows at once while you watch a third, previously- recorded show. In the event that the HD PVR detects three recordings occurring at once, a pop-up window will ask you to resolve the scheduling conflict. In the event that you are not there to resolve it, the problem will be stored and the HD PVR will prioritize the recording of series and movies.
  • Page 35 Blockong recorded content Turning on Parental Control will prevent the user from viewing recordings based on age. To block a recording: 1. Press and select the title you wish to block. 2. Press and use to select Block manually. 3. Enter your Administrator PIN. getaway function Bring your HD PVR along with you to access your recorded TV programs.
  • Page 36: Manage Your Hard Drive

    MANAGING yoUR HARD DISC The HD PVR has a storage capacity of 500 GB, allowing you to store up to 280 hours of standard-definition content or up to 55 hours of high-definition content. The PVR management function allows you to evaluate the amount of available disc space on your hard drive, while the Free Up Disc Space function lets you free up space on your hard drive when you need to.
  • Page 37: Settings

    SETTiNgS In this menu, you can access the General Settings, the Viewing Controls and Limits, Application Preferences for the TV and terminal, Equipment Settings, and Accessibility features like Closed Captioning. 1. Press to go to the main menu. 2. Use , to select Settings and press a.
  • Page 38: Controls And Limits

    CoNTRoLS AND LIMITS This menu allows you to modify Parental Control, restrict access to certain content and create or modify your PINs. ACCESSING CoNTRoLS AND LIMITS It’s important to have activated an Administrator PIN via the Quick-Start Wizard. If you haven’t done this already, a pop-up window will prompt you to create an Administrator PIN. Controls and Limits allows you to: • Manage Parental Control • Block content depending on the age...
  • Page 39: Parental Control

    manage Parental Control settings and Block a Channel From the modify Controls and Limits menu, you can also: 1. Hide adult content. 2. Select the channels you want to block by using the Restricted Channels feature. 3. Establish for how long the PIN will be able to unblock the channel. 4.
  • Page 40: Application Preferences

    AppLICATIoN pREfERENCES Configure your Application Preferences (i.e. TV Caller ID, Program Guide, illico On Demand, Programming Guide, Shortcut Menu, etc.). Accessing the Application Preferences: 1. Press to go to the main menu. 2. Use to select Settings. 3. Use to select Application Preferences. You can then browse through the menu and modify the following applications: • Caller iD: Allows you to see the number of the person calling you, on your TV screen.
  • Page 41 modifying the viewing mode while watching TV 1. Press up to three times for the picture to change to the desired mode: Normal, Full or Zoom. • illico On Demand: To modify your preferences, such as the order in which your selections are displayed, the display language (FR/EN) and the content format (HD/SD).
  • Page 42: Accessibility

    ACCESSIbILITy This menu lets you configure your preferences in terms of audio accessibility and closed captioning for the hearing-impaired. Audio accessibility • SAP: Second or third alternative audio track. When a show is broadcasted in SAP mode, you can watch it in the language of your choice. • Audio description display (On/Off): Refers to an additional audio track that allows blind and visually impaired people to hear a description of what is happening on-screen.
  • Page 43: Faq

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTiONS NOTiCE: The first step in resolving problems related to the illico TV service is to reboot the terminal. Rest assured—your terminal settings, as well as the recordings on your HD PVR will remain intact. To reboot the terminal, unplug the power supply cord, then plug it back in again a few seconds later.
  • Page 44 Why is the sound on my TV so low? Your terminal’s Volume function controls the strength of the audio signal emitted by the terminal. When the terminal’s volume is low, the signal it sends to the TV is equally low. To prevent this, we suggest that you program your remote control to your TV by following the instructions on page 14, and then program the terminal so that you can only control the volume on your TV.
  • Page 45: Customer Service And Technical Support

    CUSTOmER SERViCE AND TECHNiCAL SUPPORT CUSToMER SERVICE For further information, we invite you to visit the illico TV Help Portal, to check out instructional videos at or to contact Customer Service. You can reach a representative Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 9 a.m.
  • Page 46: List Of Remote Control Programming Codes

    LiST OF REmOTE CONTROL PROgRAmmiNg CODES TV Codes 3M - 10737, 11616, 11655 Brockwood - 10019 Durabrand - 10463, 10180, Goodmans - 10360 A-Mark - 10003 Broksonic - 10236, 10463, 10178, 10171 11034, GPX - 10360 Abex - 10032 10003, 10426 11905, 10003, 11665 Gradiente - 10392 Accurian - 11803...
  • Page 47 10024, 10020 10386, 10230, 10187, 11463, 10179, 11905, 10100, 10110, 11597 Symphonic - 10180, 10171, 10186, 10179, 10096, 11911, 11929 Samsung - 12051, 10060, 11904, 11913 10036, 10028, 10024, Panasonic - 11480, 10250, 10702, 10178, 10030, Syntax - 11610, 11144, 10020...
  • Page 48 TVS - 10463 11330, 11365, 11578, White Westinghouse - Ultra - 10391, 11323 11627, 11742, 12014, 10463, 11661, 11909 Universal - 10027 12087 WinBook - 11381, 11503 US Logic - 11286 Viking - 10046, 10312 Wyse - 11365 Vector Research - 10030 Viore - 11207, 11684, Yamaha - 10030, 10019, Venturer - 11865...
  • Page 49 30039, 30189, 31289 Saba - 31519 Vizio - 31517 Yamaha - 32061, 30176, 30176, 30273, 30771, McIntosh - 31289 Samsung - 31295, 31868 32230, 32247, 32255, MCS - 30039, 30346 Sansui - 30346 30186, 30376, 31176, 31276, 31331, 31375, 32279, 32414...
  • Page 50: Security

    SECURiTY Please read these rules for safe operation before connecting your terminal. POSiTiONiNg AND VENTiLATiON The terminal has openings for ventilation that protect it from overheating. • Avoid obstructing these openings and do not place other equipment, including televisions, lamps, books or any other objects, on the terminal. Do not place it in an enclosure such as a bookcase or equipment rack, unless suitable ventilation is provided.
  • Page 51 gROUNDiNg The terminal has a two-prong plug. Properly ground the unit by inserting the plug into a grounded electrical two-socket outlet. If the plug is polarized, it will have one wide prong and one narrow prong. This plug will fit into an outlet only one way. Caution! To prevent electric shock, insert the plug’s wide prong into the outlet’s wide slot.

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